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Italy emphasizes that it will first consider cooperation with China's Belt and Road Initiative


Italy's premiere has pledged to becomethe First G7 Nation to join China's belt and road initiative .The announcement has ruffled a fair few feathers with the Prime Minister's government within their government and also with some of Rome'sWestern allies who aren't happy at allno atom reports.

Chinese presidents using ping is due in Rome on Thursday for atrip that will likely see Italy officially joined Beijing's belt andRoad initiative. Several mo use including opening Italian ports to Chinese investment are also expected to besigned all of which both countries saywill have economic benefits.

If China andItaly can reach an agreement on the Bri cooperation it will be beneficial toeconomic development of the respectivecountries and our economic cooperation.

However Italy's plan to join theinitiative is sparked concerns withincontains own government some fear the joint infrastructure projects couldundermine national security .

The United States and Italy's European neighbors have also expressed concern over what they see as China's increasing attempts to dominate global markets through whatit sees as unfair trade practices.

The EUalso issued a statement last week describing China as an economic and systemic rival conte however dismissed those concerns.

It does not remotely putinto doubt our euro-atlantic allianceits content negotiated for many months with Beijing involving all theadministration's concerned presents no rest for our national interest and is fully in line with the strategy of theEuropean Union and in fact it promotesit as no other member state has done so far in its dealings with Beijing.