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Lin Jingcheng was a physiotherapist before he joined the profession?


Many artists have high academic qualifications and even professional qualifications, but for the sake of their interest and enthusiasm for the performing arts circle,Willing to abandon the high salary and thick jobs brought by his education and majors, and enter the entertainment circle where income may be unstable,Or willing to work on both sides, artist Lin Jingcheng is one of them.Lin Jingcheng was a physical therapist before joining the industry. He joined TVB in 2009 after participating in "Super Sound",I started filming in 2012, but unfortunately the episodes I've filmed for many years feature more cameos.

Fortunately, he recently played the role of barrister "Bai Baoyun" in the hit "Three Women, One",Although as a professional, his personality is so mean that he accidentally brought a lot of joy and successfully attracted the attention of netizens.In addition to Lin Jingcheng, the artist who also has professional qualifications, Huang Jinxun, also joined the entertainment industry because of her interests.Huang Jinhua University, who is interested in chemistry and pharmacy, chose pharmacy, which was logical after graduation.

After becoming a pharmacist in the United States, he became interested in movies and switched to acting.Most of the filmings in many works are not heavy, so they are not popular, but they are also familiar actors.In addition to the filming, Huang Jinhua also studied law courses and eventually obtained a bachelor of law degree and a barrister qualification.In addition, Xu Tingyi (Alfred) and Lin Jingcheng signed a wireless contract after participating in "Super Giant Sound" in 2009.Later, he joined Xinghuan International in 2011 and officially became a singer, and has a good development in the entertainment industry.And won many awards. At the same time, Alfred completed a Bachelor of Dentistry course at the University of Hong Kong.Obtained a dentist license, and he also works as a dentist in addition to being a singer.

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