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Reasons and significance of Singapore, an independently developed market


Host:“Singapore is a standalone market in its own right.But it's also an ideal base to access southeast Asia and the entire region. We're following Australian natural health company Blackmores throughout the series in their journey to Asia. Blackmores chose Singapore as its asian hub. And most regional executives are based here.I found out why. ”

Evelyn Seah:“So Singapore is an attractive place because of this pro-business environment. And the government has always make it a point to make Singapore seamless connectivity with all the countries. Yes, Singapore makes sense because Singapore is a midpoint between Australia and the Asia countries. And Singapore has a pool of professionals,multi-disciplined professionals,where most can tap onto

to build its core corporate functions in Singapore.We have corporate functions like treasury business planning,development, marketing, e-commerce. And we supply a very efficient supply chain to Asia,and we have of course the financial travel.”

Host:“ Does Singapore government locally provide any incentives for you to base yourself here as a hub for Asia or for southeast Asia, or both? ”

Evelyn Seah:“The EDB is actually very supportive of new businesses in this setting up in Singapore. Basically they provide a lot of support in terms of recommendation, partnerships, and also there's quite a number of incentives. Depending on which industry the company's in.Of course there's also tax incentives. In terms of tax rates or in terms of grants. ”