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Brief introduction of anti blue light glasses + features of homestead hair


Looking at the screen all day.Feel dry eyes and tight neck and shoulders?That's because you watch too much on the screen.The screen is often driven by a blue LED and is tinted with phosphor.This makes the screen look extremely bright.The relatively high amount of blue light far exceeds the amount of blue light in daily life.Blue light is the shortest wavelength of light in visible light.Right next to the ultraviolet light, the energy is the strongest.And we are staring at these excessive blue light unknowingly every day.Receiving excessive stimulation.Some people feel dry eyes and tight shoulders and necks.The doctor will suggest that you should rest often and leave the screen.

We agree, but you can also try GC eyewear.GC eyewear can block extra blue light on the screen.The lenses are made of top-grade blanks and are also designated for use by world-renowned manufacturers such as Zeiss, Nikon, and Seiko.Unlike ordinary anti-blue light lenses, only PC tablets are yellowed.Our lenses are transparent primary colors with premium coatings.Let the lens have high light transmission, scratch resistance and wear resistance, increase color contrast, anti-water mist, non-stick oil resistance, anti-static flying dust and other characteristics.

And super light !!!Frame and lens only 20 grams !!!20g !!!!! 40g for my Ray-Ban sunglasses !!!Since it is an optical-grade lens, of course, prescription lenses can also be accepted.Any degree can be made.One year warranty is also provided and is now free of charge.Come to GC eyewear

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