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Baby sleep: how do I train a 7-month-old baby to sleep

Baby sleep: how do I train a 7-month-old baby to sleep

Hello everyone! I ’m Keira. Welcome to my channel.Fall into memories. . . .

Typical hug baby.Yeah ! !! !! !!Be careful with friends. . .In the eyes of passersby, I am a trafficker!Actually tear burstTurn off the lights and hug the baby!Liberate one is oneMainly afraid of scaring guestsSearchable on the Internet: Lift and DropI just ca n’t bear itFailure one: cliff-like degradationTaking the stairs is my father's favorite trick.Online search: cry it outChoked. . .Choked. . .

The line of defense collapses.Why is the vital capacity so good?Failure 2: Psychological construction is not readyMom is responsible for aftermathFailure three: choose the wrong method to avoid the problemDon't "milk sleep"It's time to face itIt's timeWeb Search: Faber MethodBig changeSleep on time every day, 12 hours at nightFinally it's time for tips:

1. Observe your baby's daily routineapp: Baby Life Record.

2. Timing matters.People who train babiesCome, destroy each other.When the other party is on, I clean the window.Resolutely don't let the elderly participate, they can't stand.When dad should come out to play a hard role, he must stand up.Auxiliary tools recommended: good parenting books.Awkward. . . There is a book out of the bathtub.North American Tome.Auxiliary tool recommendation: baby monitoring.Auxiliary tools recommended: good musiczou bisou bisou.Dad said the ears had heard calluses.Auxiliary tools recommended: DiaryFragile hempChoose the method that works best for your baby.Last second angel, next second demon.First video, slightly roughI'm Keira. See you next time!

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