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AI: Impact on Society

AI and Machine Learning can affect everypart of society.

For instance self-driving cars use AIto recognize their surroundings,track objects,and make super importantdecisions like when to stop.

Machine Learning is already being used in some really amazing things.It's allowing us to be more energy efficient.

We use it to improve how we grow food and manage natural resources.

It's dramatically changing how we diagnose diseasesand create new medicines.

It's even helping the blind see.AI Voice: "I think it's a man jumping in the air doing a trick on a skateboard."But there are also risks.Consider the potential impact when machine learningis used to evaluate candidates for college admission,screen applicants for bank loans,or even predict crime or spot criminals.When using machine learning in these types of applicationswe need to make sure not to use prejudiced training datathat would perpetuate human bias.

As AI and Machine Learning changeeverythingit's important that you have a hand and how they're being used.More than any other technology,AI has the potential to revolutionize our lives for the betterso long as it's done in a way that avoids biasthat could cause harm or inequity.

The most important thing about machine learning is human learning.Knowing how this technology works is the first step on your journey to using it for good.


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