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Denver tool library saves you basic costs and gives you more resources to invest in other tools


Danielle:For making these kind of small pan crafted items. This kind of space is perfect we're in the Denver Tool Library here on Santa Fe. We're in their workshop area so they've got like the front space which is where all the rental tools are.

Sarah Steiner:to us table size we have circular saws metalworking stuff like angle grinders and welders pneumatic stuff like Brad nailers and finished mailers and framing nailers. I'm Sarah Steiner and I'm the founder of the number two library.every tool in the inventory has a number. so you just come in grab whatever you need bring it up front and we check you out just like you're checking out books from the book library. thank you very much .we started working on the expansion last year but it's just this year. That we've really got it up and running got all the safety dialed in. And then, we're getting a really good catalog of programming classes to offer and stuff like that.

Chris:First time doing any of this.

Sarah Steiner:They're having a blacksmithing workshop so they're learning how to use the for.Chris is a blacksmith and a welder.He reached out because he wanted to share. His skills nice.It's just fun. It's just a fun place. Everybody that comes in here is working on something cool grab .

Chris:This guy with your tongs and throw the whole thing in the fire.

Sarah Steiner:We just want them to be able to come in and give it a try in a safe and supportive environment .

Host: Danielle is so excited over here .This is a deal if you've ever rented tools it cost a hundred bucks for an annual membership which allows you to check out the gear you need for any project around the house. that's not bad, if you've got a lot of work to do additional programs cost a little extra but you don't have to be a member to take apart in a class or you use the new workspace.


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