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How to Make Easy Apple Pancakes | The Stay At Home Chef


Today on The Stay At Home ChefI'm showing you how to make Apple Pancakes.

These easy pancakes pack in the apple flavor with just a hint of cinnamon and they're super easy to make. Start by peeling one granny smith apple. Then I'm going to use a grater to grate 1/2 a cup of the apple. Set that aside for a second while we make our batter.

First you'll sift 1 and 1/2 cups of all-purpose flour as well as 2 tablespoons of sugar, 2 teaspoons of baking powder, and 1teaspoon of baking soda and half a teaspoon of salt. Sift this all into a mixing bowl.

Now sifting is an optional extra step but it does make for a fluffier pancake. Next we'll whisk in 1 1/4 cup of milk or buttermilk Buttermilk also makes for a bit of a fluffier pancake, two eggs, 1/4 cup of unsweetened applesauce and 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon. Whisk this all together.

Once your batter is mostly smooth and you get rid of most of those lumps we can add in our shredded apple and fold that into the batter. Then heat a nonstick griddle or other flat pan over a medium high heat. I use a quarter cup measuring cup to scoop my batter and get it on to my griddle and get it cooking.

Once there are bubbles on top and the edges appear to be dry they're ready to flip. This recipe makes about 10 pancakes Once they're all cooked up you are ready to eat.

I like to serve mine up with either maple syrup or these apple pancakes go really well with a cinnamon syrup.

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