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Introduction to Leica


Hi everyone, this is Franky from M & K Kamera.Today and everyone introduce different Leica lens names.Many friends don't know what the Leica lens name means.Today I will share some of their series.And what their names mean.Today I will share with you some of the more popular lens seriesFor example, Elmar, it represents a 4 aperture lens.Elmarit, it stands for 2.8 aperture lens.Summicron, it is a lens with 2 apertures.Summilux, which is generally a 1.4-aperture lens.Some lenses have a 1.7 aperture, it is also called Summilux.For example, Leica Q ’s 28mm / F1.7 lens, which is also called Summilux.Noctilux, initially 50mm / 1.2 aperture.Then there are four versions of Noctilux with 50mm / 1.0 and 1.0 aperture.More famous is the Version I of E58And Version IV with built-in hood.

Compared with the recently launched Noctilux 50mm / F0.95.Although this branch has the effect of ASPH, it is also called Noctilux.There is also a new version, although it is not 50mm, it is also called Noctilux.This version is 75mm / F1.25, which is the latest generation of Noctilux.Believe that a short introduction will not meet your needsIf you want more information, welcome to our store in Tsim Sha Tsui / Mong Kok.I / my colleague can explain to you personally.Thank you for watching, see you next time, 88!

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