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Vibrance Quattro protects cereal crops against seed and soil borne diseases


Ted Labun——Western Seedcare Technical Lead:

A lot of these seed and soil borne diseases need residue to survive in the field. And by going to continuous cropping, and going to more of a soil conservation practice, it really sets the stage for impact on stand establishment due to the early infection at planting.

We've identified a couple of diseases that are very important. One is Fusarium in the Prairies. Because of the residue in the field, it provides an opportunity if the conditions at harvest are good, that we'll get an airborne infection on the seed and so when you harvest that seed, it now has an infection on the seed.

So, when you look at Fusarium, it can impact germination, particularly. It can cause seed rot. But it also can really decrease the vigour of that seedling.

So, planting into cooler soils and so on with Fusarium on the seed really does impact the vigour of that plant. So looking at that disease, we also know that Pythium is becoming a bigger problem because they love these cool, wet soils that we're planting into.

And then of course Rhizoctonia also is impacting not so much the pre-emergence damping off,but more the overall health of the plant.

By looking at all the different options that we have, we've developed a new seed treatment for cereals. And it's going to be called Quattro formulations that we have with the fungicide.

And in that formulation, we've taken our best fungicide packages that are the best on those diseases, and put them all together to give us one, ready-to-apply premix formulation for the growers to put on the seed.

And what we've found with that particular combination, is excellent control of all those diseases and very consistent performance when it comes to stand establishment in cereals.


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