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How Asians celebrate the lunar new year around the world?


Interviewer:Nancy YAO Maasbach,President,Museum of Chinese in America.

The Lunar New Year has typically been called the Chinese New Year. That's not wrong, and it's not right.

There's a whole nother group of Asian countries that also celebrate based on the lunar calendar. They're really warding off the evil spirits, which is the intention of the dance, to get rid of all the evil things that have happened in the year before and to welcome boldly the new year.

They're not meant to be a lot of money. It sort of helps people say, “You are part of my life.”

If you do present a red envelope, make sure you do it with two hands and that you use new bills because you don't wanna put a ratty five dollar bill in a red envelope.

That would not be a good idea. Red is supposed to be prosperity, health, so if you ever went to a Chinese New Year dinner, and you were wearing white or black, you should just go home and change. A lot of the celebratory components center on food, a lot of food. That's at the end of the celebration. It also closes off the Lunar New Year celebration.

Understanding a little bit more of the sources of the rich culture that we have as a country, that's what really makes this country so incredible.

It's a tradition that we get to celebrate here, even though most people who celebrate are halfway around the world, and to share it and share boldly I think is very, very special.


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