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The celebrity gift is luxurious and willful, and Zhang Xinyu is named

The celebrity gift is luxurious and willful, and Zhang Xinyu is named "too strong" for these four words.Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to the pomp and form of the wedding, and it is also very important to choose a good gift. As a gift of the bride and groom, the gift not only reveals the taste of the newcomer, but also expresses the former Congratulations to friends and family of Xinxi.

However, some of the celebrities' gifts are very luxurious and willful, while some of the gifts are very simple and earthy.


In the wedding of Huang Xiaoming and baby that year, they invited more than half of the entertainment industry to witness their happiness. At that time, four safes were used to hold gifts. A wedding received a total of more than 50 million gifts. At that time, their wedding It was a sensation, and their accompanying gifts were quite luxurious.Looking at the staff carrying such a large bag, there should be a lot of gifts.Not only are they large in number, they are also very valuable. Among them are Meitu mobile phones endorsed by baby, precious diamond necklaces, British Zumalong perfumes, mini ceramic pots, and a box of the brand's own Ahbeaute essence.After seeing the accompanying gifts of the leader and couple, the Xiaobian who never knew what was the thing also opened his eyes.An Yixuan married into a wealthy family, the wedding gift is also full of weight and high value.There is a custom mobile phone with a value of 9999 sponsored by a wedding sponsor, a skin care gift box of the premium custom skin care brand HELIUS, which contains masks, creams, essences, and well-known brand sun hats, sun umbrellas, etc.See this souvenir can only say that being rich is so wayward.

Huo Jianhua Lin Xinru's wedding was held in romantic Bali. The accompanying gifts included brutalist roses and scented candles, SK-II skin suits, and silk sleeping eye masks. This ceremony was also very intentional and luxurious.

Compared to these luxury gifts, some celebrities' gifts are very down-to-earth.SHE member Ella Chen Jiahua and her husband Rice Xiang's companion gift to the guests are two bottles of soy sauce, meaning the marriage life of chai oil salt and soy sauce vinegar tea, although it seems simple and common, but it represents the newcomers' mutual feelings of mutual affection, and it is also very warm .

In the end, the new couple, Zhang Xinyu and her handsome husband Instructor He Jie, who just announced their marriage recently. Today, the media revealed the wedding date of the two. According to reports, Zhang Xinyu's wedding will end at the end of this month and in August. Held in Shanghai on the 27th.Because it is a military marriage, the wedding of the two is relatively low-key and simple, but only a small number of family and friends are invited, and their accompanying gifts do not have any expensive items, which is more warm and simple than the previous couples.There was a sweet wedding photo of two people in the gift box. The words "Yong Jie Tong Xin" were written on the back of the wedding photo. I felt super warm and moved instantly, and was called "too powerful" by netizens! There is also a full-bodied cartoon accompanying the rabbit, and then there is a wedding cake.

Seeing this souvenir, I feel that the military and military wedding of the soldiers is very low-key and simple, not extravagant, but also warm and romantic.Of course, the military style is different from the celebrities in the entertainment industry. Now Zhang Xinyu has also become a military officer. In the flashy entertainment industry, she did not choose to marry the rich, but chose to become a military officer. Admirable.Once again, I wish Zhang Xin to He Jie "Yong Jie Tong Xin" for a hundred years! 

Zhang Xinyu's wedding cried and said that the confession of the stars at the wedding was so touching. Yesterday, Zhang Xinyu and her husband He Jie hosted a wedding at a hotel on the Bund. The wedding ceremony only invited family members and close friends on a small scale, and it was said that the scene was very warm and simple.How low-key is this wedding? Not to mention netizens, not even many insiders know. No, when the media rushed to the hotel door and squatted, they met Deng Chao and Sun Yan who happened to have dinner in this hotel. At the time, Deng Chao saw so many reporters and looked very amazed. This attracted such multimedia? "So he asked the reporter blankly," What is the big day today? "Although the wedding is simple, the way to marry love is the best. He Jie kneeled down on the ground when he got married. When Zhang Xinyu was wearing shoes, he proudly said, "Really, it's not the beauty of the shoes but the beauty of the feet. I'll tell you that no shoes can match my wife."

At the wedding introduction session, Zhang Xinyu cried as she spoke, choking and confessing to He Jie: "I know we are together, we are all under different pressures. But it is very strange, I When I see you, I feel that you are the person I am waiting for. "Everyone knows that at such a happy and sacred moment, the confession of new people is basically the most sincere words, the stars are no exception, they Many of them were very touching at the wedding.

For example, Wu Qilong, who has always dealt with emotional affairs in a low-key manner, cried at his wedding and said, "I have complained to God more than once. I used to think that God was unfair to me, and made me experience many strange ordeals. Now I also understand why, because he left the best for me. "Don't talk about Liu Shishi, even when we heard this, we felt moved! Liu Shishi's response was particularly simple and firm. She said, "I'll be nice to you. My shoulders will always rest on you." She is so beautiful with tears on her face.Zhao Youting's confession at the wedding was a little sweeter. He said, "I finally found a perfect woman. I will be honest with Yuanyuan and treat her family with respect and care, just as I do with my family. Will be placed first in my life. "Gao Yuanyuan responded very beautifully and romantically. She said, "My friends told me before that the person you want does not exist in this world, but after he appeared, I knew that my imagination was not good because he completely surpassed it. I imagine it well, I will follow him all the way, and where he is is our home. "

Xie Na's speech at the wedding also finished crying, she said," Thank you Mr. Zhang, I will work hard to be your good Wife, love you all my life! When in love, one day, you asked me, how much does it cost to get married, 200,000? Then I prayed, oh my god ... bless this man named Zhang Jie to make 200,000 quickly well, thank you, love me when I need love the most, feel sorry for me, and let me learn to love myself ... "In addition to the embarrassing veil kiss.

 Chen Xiao was remembered at the wedding, and he was firm. Confession, he said, "I feel that I really like Yeonhui a little bit, that is, what we want is actually just a few things, not much! But we will fight for the few things we want. Do your best to hold her in your hands! So Yan hope I say to you that in the coming days, I will do my best to take good care of you, good love you. "

Angelababy's confession at the wedding was also very touching. She said, "I would like to tell you that I will always support you silently in my life. No matter if you are tired and encounter unhappy things, I will always be with you when I think of it. It is my dream to accompany you to build a family for you and have a very successful life. I hope that when you get old, you will tell me that finding me is right and happy. "

"Let you have a successful life, this is my dream." This should be a sentence that men in the world will be touched when they hear it? Which of these confession at the wedding impressed you most? Zhang Xin gives blessings to big wedding stars. As a competitor, she gives blessings and is praised. 

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