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Dry lips in winter, the most appropriate care

"Dry lips" in winter, this is the most appropriate treatment!


Dry in winter, I always feel my lips dry. Dry until peeling.How many people have itchy hands and can't help tearing their lips off. However, more tears make lips dry.Today, let ’s explore how to save dry lips? . In this dry season ...Still have plump and healthy lips. Why does your lips easily peel and crack? . Weather + bad habits ...The lip is actually free of sweat glands and pores, so it cannot secrete sweat and sebum, cannot form an oil-water protective film, and is easily damaged by external stimuli.In addition, the epidermal layer of the lips is 50% thinner than other parts of the skin. It is particularly sensitive to climate change. In fact, ultraviolet rays, dryness, etc. can actually induce fine lines and keratin.In addition to the weather, of course, our bad habit: licking lips! If there is not enough water, it is easy to peel and chapped. If you use your tongue to lick your lips, the water will evaporate quickly, and it will also take away the lack of water on your lips, which will cause your lips to lick and dry! .Cracked and peeling lips ... Not only uncomfortable, but also ugly to look at ... Teach you a few tricks ... Lips moisturize ...First, dry and cracked articles ...If your lips are dry everyday, you can use hot steam to steam your lips for 3 minutes (a cup of hot water can do it), and then apply it with a hot towel for about 1 minute. The effect is great ~If your lips are dry or cracked, you can use the honey lip method.

In fact, many lip balms are added with honey. Honey is very common, contains a lot of sugars, and has small molecules that are easily absorbed. It is one of the best choices for lip balm.Method: Take a spoonful of honey, mix with some white sugar, mash and stir well, apply on the lips, nourish the lips, and speed up the lips' recovery.


Second, gentle removal of dead skin ...Use a hot towel for a while, and after softening, use a cotton swab dipped in water to gently roll on the lips, and the dead skin will be easily removed, and then protected with lip balm.Never use your hands or pliers to tear, as it may tear your lips, causing pain, bleeding, or even infection.Lips are dry, lack of vitamins, and thick dead skin. Lip balm alone is useless.Lips have no pores and it is difficult to absorb moisture, and oily lipsticks cannot lock water. See the right method.1. Take a clean small bowl, squeeze in two vitamin E, then pour in appropriate olive oil and honey, and stir well with a cotton swab.2. Soak the towel with warm water, apply heat to the lips for 3 minutes, apply the uniform lip care solution on the lips, and cover with a plastic wrap.3. After massage for one minute, wait for ten minutes to tear off the plastic wrap, which will not only gently remove dead skin but also improve rough skin! .


Third, daily lip care ... 1. Don't lick your lips ...Don't tear it when it peels! Otherwise it will only make lips dry. 2. Wear a mask ...Recently, the wind is cold, and friends who often go out must wear a mask. Wearing a mask can block the cold wind and keep the temperature and humidity of the lips, so as not to dry out.3. Apply with ointment ...Applying vitamin E ointment, glycerin ointment, and other natural ointments to the lips can treat dry lips, especially those cracks that are more severe and more effective.4. Apply lipstick correctly.Apply lipstick vertically: Most people apply lipstick in the horizontal direction, but the fibers of the lips are arranged vertically. Applying it up and down is the correct way.Don't press too hard, press gently.Do not use lipstick more than 3 times a day, otherwise it will be counterproductive-the more you use, the more dry it will cause cheilitis.Because lip balm is like a "isolator", if you apply more, it will easily hinder the metabolism of our lips, it will easily lead to the peeling of our lips, and it may also cause bad effects on the lips.Lipstick should be discontinued once skin peeling or bleeding has started, and you can apply some edible vegetable oil or honey at this time.5, apple skin lip care method. The acidic ingredients contained in apple peel have a mild moisturizing effect on our lips.So when you eat apples, do n’t throw away the apple peel, use a little honey on the apples, and then apply it to the lips together to help us protect our lips.6, chapped lips to a cup of double winter tea.Take 10 grams of Ophiopogon and Asparagus each, add a little white sugar, put it into the cup, and cover with 300 ml of boiling water for about 10-15 minutes.7, eat more fruits and vegetables drink plenty of water, eat less spicy food.

The maintenance of the lips must also be repaired both internally and externally. It is not possible to apply lip care products alone. Usually you should pay more attention to your diet and add more water and vitamins. Fruits and vegetables should be eaten often, such as soybean sprouts, cabbage, pears, Kiwis, etc. should also drink plenty of water to fundamentally care for their lips.

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