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5 Gallon Water Dispenser at Top-grade


For a person to lead a healthy lifestyle, the importance of the intake of hygienic and clean water cannot be overemphasized. An average human being should drink around 3 liters of water every day. In this regard, water purifier plays a very important role. A water dispenser allows an easy supply of healthy and clean drinking water. This equipment can supply hot, moderate, or cold drinking water, which plays a very important role in public places, hospitals, workplaces, restaurants, and other places that require a steady supply of clean drinking water. Installing a 5-gallon water dispenser can help you meet your needs for a good supply of drinking water. 

How Do Hot And Cold Dispensers Work

Water dispensers have coil refrigerants, a compressor, a reservoir, and a connection of circulating pipes for cooling water and coils for heating.

For Cooling Water: For cooling water using a dispenser, a bottle of water is placed on top of a water cooler. The seal of the water bottle breaks, thereby allowing water to flow freely into the water cooler. A valve controls the flow of water. The water that enters the cooler passes through a reservoir where it is chilled with a refrigerant's help. This refrigerant circulates through pipes. After that, the compressor which is present inside the cooler, generates a pressure which causes the cooling medium to change from liquid to gas. This cooled gas further reduces the temperature of the water. The refrigerant, which is present in gaseous form, absorbs the heat from the water and supplies cool water. 

For Heating Water: Water dispensers also have electric coils that heat the water. Based on the model and build of the water dispenser, the heat ranges between 150 degrees and 190 degrees. 

JND Water has harnessed the use of this technique efficiently and has manufactured a 5-gallon water dispenser that can efficiently cool or warm drinking water. 

How Do Hot And Cold Dispensers Work

About 5 Gallon Water Dispenser By JND Water

The 5-gallon water dispenser is not just a device that can hold a huge water capacity, but can also warm and cool pure drinking water in a jiffy! The water is placed right above the machine, and the machine takes care of the rest. The drinking water is classified into three categories, namely ice-warming, warm, and ice-hot. The 5 gallons is divided into two parts, one for the hot water tank and the other for the cold water. The capacity of both can be altered as per the requirement of the customer. This gallon uses the R134A compressor cooling system. Some of the features of this gallon are: 

1. It offers both hot and cold type water.

2. The material which this gallon is made of is safe, hygienic, and meets the food safety requirement standards.

3. The default size of the hot tank is 1.2 ltr while that of the cold tank is 3.8 ltr. This capacity is, however, customizable.

About 5 Gallon Water Dispenser By JND Water

With the best technology and the most suitable design, this water gallon is a popular choice among the people.