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6 tips to know before traveling to Japan! Common misunderstandings and frauds

Hello everyone, I'm a bottleeveryone, look at my mask today.This is Xiao Wanzi's faceI know what I ’m going to talk about today is not too happy.It ’s more serious.(Notes for free travel in Japan: 6 misunderstandings and scams in Japan travel)This includes when you go to eat and ride, and when sightseeingMisunderstandings and Frauds You May Encounter(Do you want to travel to Japan?)(You can watch the video to prepare before the trip).If you used to travel in Japanhave similar experience.Or a situation I did n’t mention.Also welcome to leave a comment below.In this way, anyone who sees this video can also refer to it.My channel mainly records my life in JapanI live in Tokyo for almost 5 years.Struggling towards travelling people.So through the various platforms of the Internet,I also actively share various Japanese travel information.If you are interested in this kind of content.Can subscribe to my channel?First of all, I will share with you about diet.(I did n’t order it. Why charge me more?)I saw a lot of travelers coming to Japan for a meal.There will be doubts about whether they were overcharged.There are actually reasonable and irrational conditions.

6 tips to know before traveling to Japan! Common misunderstandings and frauds

First, it may be a cultural shock.The situation of reasonable consumption isお 通 し.You understand it as a seat fee service fee or a side dish fee.It's the basic consumption after you enter a store.You cannot choose yes or no.It is attached to it.The situation in Japan is mostly after you take your seat.The side dish offered to you.This izakaya culture in Japan should be considered relatively uncommon.Everyone in Japan knows it.If you go to an izakaya.Everyone will be charged a total of 300 to 500 yen.Beyond thatwhat is the situation of unreasonable consumption?That's what you may have encountered ぼ っ た く り.What is he.It actually means:It's a step higher than the previous Tongtong.The most commonly encountered condition isyou have a passionate Japanese brother on the way.Holding a menu in solicitinghe might say:Drinks are cheap in our restaurant.There is a seat available now.Always attract you.You might feel pretty goodcome to travel anyway.It's also good to try local Japanese restaurants.Went up!Ordered after going up.After drinking and eating,I saw the bill when I paid for it.Except your wine your meal.And beyond what I just said:Maybe you were charged tooseat Fee Service Charge Weekend Bonus Night BonusThere are other names.Then your spending may increase as soon as.Then this situation is not only for foreign tourists.Many of the Japanese were also victimized.After talking about the diet, let ’s focus on traffic.Then use 3 examples to share with you.The first one is also more misunderstood.I also feel like I'm being overcharged(Why do I still charge for my car when I buy a transportation pass?)



Maybe I bought a transportation pass when I came to Japan.But it did n’t work when I was out of the station.Ask the station attendant that the money was collected.You just happen to be here.Direct trains from different railway companieswill cause you to pay extra.There are many transport passes in Japan.Traffic in Tokyo is really complicated.There are more than 10 railway companies.Then its line is for the convenience of people.In fact, there are often direct trains across the two stations of the railway company.So it's very likely that you bought the transportation pass for company A.Who knows you got a transportation pass from company A?Also enter from the station of company A.But when you came out, it was the station of company B.At this time, passengers will be more confused.


The second isThe situation where fake good intentions really cheat money,I follow a lot of Japanese travel related organizations.Or an intelligence website,I noticed a while ago.Someone traveling to Japan may be buying tickets,I do n’t know how to operate the machine because of many buttons.May seem a little hesitantAt this time, an enthusiastic Japanese helped out.May help him buy tickets, stored value, etc.After that, I took the money from the machine and took it directly.Then say this is the service charge.This situation is really confusing.Because he approached you at the beginning.Finally found out that he just wanted to lie to your money.Then I really think it's hard to prevent.You may meet kind people.He just wants to help you.What should I do in such a situation?Then I shared this a few days ago on my IG limited time dynamic,I have readers tell me.He really met,but he was very determined not to give him money at that time.The other person's attitude is not so tough.So I touched my nose and left.Can only say that the defense is indispensable,I have to pay more attention to the change I found.Help your people if there is anything unusual.Be tough and don't let him succeedOkay, the third situation in the traffic section.This is the information I have recently gotten from the Japan Travel Association.Someone was leaving the stationcaught up by suspected staff.Recycled the transport pass.He feels confused:Because he used this transport pass in Japan.But never recovered.So he went to the community and asked if this was normal.Later, some people suggested that this situation.It ’s very likely that the other party is an illegal organization!Actually, except for the kind I just shared.The small range of the subway.In addition to transportation passes that can be purchased by Japanese and foreigners.In fact, foreign tourists can also buy many kindsdiscounted transport passes like unlimited access to the Shinkansen.That kind of discount because it is limited to foreign touristsJapanese people can’t buy that pass.There is no way for foreigners like us to work in Japan.But because it ’s very favorable, some people want it.What happens at this time iscounterfeiting.

OK, come to the last one.Are you sightseeing or are you.Fraud you might encounter at the airport.The more famous case was in Ueno a while ago.There is a man,he specifically went to Taiwanese.And say what happened.But he is going to the airport and going back to Taiwan,he has no money. He wants to borrow it from Taiwanese folks.And promised to return to him after returning to Taiwan.Such a technique.At that time, it was really noisy.Many people were cheated.There will also be the kind at the airport.Falsely claiming to be a Taiwanese businessman.Climbing relationship with you,I said I might have lost my wallet.How much less will I have to borrow from you.In fact, everyone should be alert when facing this situation.But because Taiwanese are really enthusiastic, right?When you are in trouble, you may want to help.What should I do if I encounter such a situation?I think many people on the Internet also seem to say.There is no way to stop such things.Even if you wonder if the other person is trying to lie to you.But because he lied to you.So even if you call the police,The police may have no way to get him.Ok so the above is what i organize6 Misunderstandings or Deceptions You May Have When You Come to Japan.After I shared these things onlinesome people tell me:He has met in Korea.Have you ever met in Europe?Actually bad guys are everywhere.Defend your heart!

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