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How to Talk About Any Topic in English

With these three letters,you can talk about any topic in English.

Welcome to Speak English with Tiffani.I am Teacher Tiffani.Let's jump right in.

The first step is to identify.The second step is to organize.And the third step is to talk.

So, our first question is:What types of games do you play at parties?So we must identify.What is this question asking us about?Well the topic really is games.Next, we must organize.So we have who, what,where, when, and why.And the key is to make sure you have three pieces of informationfor each of the five Ws.


Now, when I go to the last step, talk,I can give a very clearand very detailed answer.I usually go to parties with my family,my coworkers, or my friends.We normally play games like Pictionary,Uno, or card games.The type of game dependson when the party is and what it's for.Sometimes the parties are for birthdays,Saturday night hangouts,or just Sunday fun days.So we will usually play Pictionaryat my friend's house, Uno at my house,and cards when we are at the office.

We love playing games together,because it is a nice way to enjoy quality time, beactive, and also have some fun.Now, let's go into alittle bit more detail.Okay, what type of homewould like to live in?Again, we have to go toorganize our thoughts.Okay, now we have the information that we're going to useto speak about this topic.For the who I chose to list the people that I want to live with me in this home.I chose my husband, of course,my children and also my parents,I want them to live withme when they get older.

For the what I decided tolist three different details about the home that I want to live in.A garage, a big kitchenbecause I like cooking and also a basement forentertaining my friends.For the when I chose tolist three different things all related to when I wanna buy the house.So 10 years from now, when I have no debt and also before I retire.

For the where, I decided togive three different facts or details about the place I want to live,so for example I said Alabama,which is actually whereI went to university.A place that is warm or even Tennessee.And for the why I chose togive three different reasons for why I actually wantto live in this house.For example, family time, entertaining and also it's been my dreamto live in this type of house.Okay, let's talk about it.When I think of the homeI would lie to live in,it always includes myhusband, my children,and also my parents.We've answered the who.And let's pause for asecond and look at one of the patterns in this sentence that we can usefor future times when we talk.

When I think of this pattern is used when you want to speak about something that you have thought about before or thought about for a long time.For example, when I think of my home town.When I think of ice cream.When I think of spending time with my family, okay?Right here when I think of.Let's keep going.I want to live in ahouse with a nice garage,a big kitchen and a basement, okay?What pattern do we see here?I want to.Now remember, this always deals with desire.Something you desire to do.I want to live in America.I want to go to school.I want to study English.Okay, the next sentence.This type of house would be greatfor spending family time together and entertaining.It has always been my dream house.So these are the reasons whyI want this type of house.Now, let's look at thispattern in this sentence.We see would be great for.We use this pattern when we wanna speak about something that is a match.

For example, he would be great for Sally.It means he's a good guy for Sally.So we use would be great forwhen someone or somethingis a match for someone or something else, okay?Let's keep going to the next sentence.My plan is to purchase itwithin the next 10 years or before I have to retire.I want to have no debt when I purchase it.Now, let's look at the pattern in this sentence.Okay, so the pattern is my plan is to.So we're going to use this patternwhenever we have a schedule.This is when we are goingto use this pattern.For example, my plan is tostudy English for one year.My plan is to go to Paris next year.That is my schedule, okay?Let's keep on going to the last sentence.The exact state is no notime portant, but it would be niceto live somewhere warm like Alabama or Tennessee.

Now, let's take a look at the pattern in this sentence.Okay, we see it would be nice to.Now, this pattern is usedwhen we want to express that something would be a benefit.Something that would be good for us.For example, it would benice to go home early.Next, have you everbeen to a karaoke room?Okay, here is all of our information.For who I chose to list thepeople that I actually goto karaoke rooms with.For example, my friends, my students or my coworkers.For what, I chose to list the type of songs or type of music that I sing when I go to karaoke rooms.For example, I sing 90s songs,ballads and sometimes R&B.For the when I chose tolist the times that I go to the karaoke room.

For example Saturdays nights, vacation or my birthday party or afriend's birthday party.And for where, I chose to listsome of the places I go to.For example, a coinkaraoke, one near my house,or even a fancy place.And finally for the why, I chose to list three reasonwhy I actually like going to karaoke rooms.I said I like music, it's funand also I enjoy dancing and singing.Okay, let's begin.I have been to a karaokeroom several timesbecause I like music, havingfun, and singing and dancing.These are the three reasonswhy I go to a karaoke room.Now, let's look at the pattern in this sentence.We have I have been to,okay?Now, this refers to an experience,something I have experienced.For example, you can sayI have been to America.I have been to Paris.I have been to London.Or you can say something that's even closer.I have been to that university before, okay?It's just talking about anexperience you have had, okay?Let's keep going onto the next sentence.Usually I go with my friends,students, or my coworkers.Now, let's look at the pattern in this sentence.Usually I go with.Okay, this is something that we do oftenand then we're going to listthe people or the personthat we go with.For example, usually I go with my uncle.Usually I go with my sister.Let's keep going.We often go to one of the many karaoke rooms near my house,or the fancy karaoke room near my friend's house.There is also an inexpensive karaoke room called a coin karaoke room.

So the pattern is we often go to.

Now, this pattern is usedto talk about somewherethat you go to often,or somewhere you regularly visit.Regularly visit.For example, we often go to the mall.We often go to the park.We often go to the university.Okay, let's keep going.Sometimes we go there on Saturday nights,during vacation, and alsofor birthday parties.Okay, these three thingsanswered the where.Let's keep going.We usually sing 90s songs,ballads, or R&B.Okay, we've answered all of the five Wsand now we can talk clearly about this topic.Next, what types of newsdo you enjoy watching?Okay, for the who I have chosen to list the news stationsthat I normally watch.

For who, you don't alway shave to list a person's name.For this situation,I'm just gonna use the news broadcast stations.So I've chosen NBC, FOX and CNN.For what I chose to list the types of news that I like,for example sports, culture and weather.For when I'm listing thethree periods of timethat I normally watch the news.For example, before work,after work and on the weekends.For where I'm listing the three placesI normally watch the news.For example, on the train, my home,or even my sister's home.And last why, why do I watch the news.Well, first I love sports,I think the news is interestingand I also think the news is important.Now, let's talk about it, here we go.Normally, I watch the newsbefore work, after work,and on the weekends.Now, let's see the pattern in this sentence.Normally I thing thing thing or normally I dot dot dot.So we use this pattern normally Iwhen we wanna talk about something that we do oftenor on a regular basis,just like in our previous example.Often or on a regular basis.For example, normally I go to school.Normally I teach English.Normally I eat breakfast,so something that you dooften or on a regular basis.Okay, let's keep going.I watch it either onthe train, at my home,or even at my sister's house.Okay, now we're gonna look at the pattern.I watch it either.Now, we normally use thispattern when we have options,different things that we can do.For example, I watch it eitherat home, at my sister's houseor on the train.There are three differentoptions that I have,three different placesthat I can watch it.So I could also say Iwatch it either on my TV,on my phone or on my computer.

You see, I have three optionsand I always use or.So we can even change the verb to something else.I eat it either at home, on the trainor at my sister's house.Okay, let's keep going.My favorite news channelsare NBC, FOX, and CNN,because they are verypopular news channels.Now, the pattern in thissentence is very easy.My favorite dot dot dot,so let's just keep going.I enjoy watching sportsnews, cultural news,and news about the weather, okay?This is also very simple,I enjoy dot dot dot.Very simple, let's keep going.This is because I love sports and I also find the other types of news to be interesting and important.Okay, the pattern in thissentence is this is because.Now, we can use this patternwhen we want to give a reason for something, okay?For example, this is becauseI love eating ice cream.This is because I love traveling.This is because I love goingto work early in the morning.So before we use this is because there has to be an actionhappening before it.So, for example, I said Ienjoy watching sports news,cultural news, and news about the weather.The next thing I'm going todo is to give the reasons why.So this is because I lovesports and I also find the other types of news tobe interesting and important.Okay, so now you understand this pattern.I've answered and I'vetalked about this topic.

Next, what is your favorite sport?Okay, for the who I'vechosen to list people that are related to the sport that I like.For example, my dad, my friendWilma and my college friends.For the what, I've decidedto list different things regarding basketball.For example, watched himplay, played one-on-one, and played on a team.Now, something that isdifferent about this exampleis there is a connection between the first one,between the second one andalso between the last one.So, for example, my dad what?I watched him play.My friend Wilma what?I played one-on-one with her.My college friends what?I played on a team with them.So as we move forward, therewill still be a connection.Let's keep going.For when I've listed when this happened.For example as a childI watched my dad play.As kids and now I played basketballor I still play one-on-onewith my friend Wilmaand also four years,so I played on a teamwith my college friendsfor four years.Okay, let's keep going.Where?At an outdoor court, at schooland even at a college gym.Now, for why I decidedto list three reasonswhy I like basketball.For example, I'm an athlete,I think it's good exerciseand it's a fast-paced game.Okay, now let's talk about it.My favorite sport is basketball.It is a good form of exerciseand it is also a fast-paced game.So, being that I am anathlete, I really enjoy it.Now, let's look at one of thepatterns within this sentence.

Now, in the thirdsentence we see a patternso being that I am.Now, this pattern is usedwhen we wanna show proofor provide evidence forsomething we're talking about.For example, so beingthat I am an athlete,I really enjoy it.Well, this is the proof or even the reasonwhy I would like basketball.So, for example, let's say I am talkingabout being an English teacher.Well, I could say this.So being that I am an American,I teach English to students.Well, of course, since I'mAmerican I speak English which gives me a reason forbeing able to teach English.Okay, let's continue.As a child, I used to watchmy dad play basketball with his friends at an outdoor court.Now, you notice that I actually includedmore than one of the Ws in this sentence.

My dad, outdoor court, so Iincluded who and also where.So now, let's look at thepattern with this sentence.The pattern is I used to.Okay, now, I used to isused when we want to talk about something that we did in the past.Something we did in the pastbut we don't do anymore.For example, I used to study Spanish.Or I used to like going to the movies.Okay, let's keep going.When I got old enough to play,I started to play one-on-onewith my friend Wilma.Now, let's look at the sentencepattern really quickly.When I got old enough,Okay, so this is kind oflike a couple pattern,let's look at it down here.

So what's happening isI'm talking about a period of timeplus what I did.So, for example, I could say when I got old enough,I started to learn how to play the piano.Okay, let's keep goingto the next sentence.We played basketball at schoolalmost every day as kidsand we sill play each other now, okay?Now, the patterns in thissentence are very simple,so let's keep goingwith the next sentence.Then, when I got tocollege, I played on a teamwith my college friendsfor about four years.Okay, now, there's onepattern in this sentencethat I want us to look at closely.Here's the pattern.

For about.Now, let's take this on thisside and let's look at it.Now, we use for about when we wantto guess a period of time.Guess or average,give an average amount of time.For example, I can say,"Oh, I have studied Englishfor about two and a half years."It's not an exact time, but I'm guessing,I'm giving an overallamount of time, okay?Giving an average.Or I can say, "Hmm, I've been herefor about an hour," okay?So we use for about when we're guessing or if we're trying to give anaverage amount of time, okay?And the last sentence, here we go.We mainly played in the college gym.It was great.Okay, one last pattern here.We mainly.Now, for this one, this iswhen you want to say somethingthat you did a majority of the time.So we're gonna say a majority.For example, let's see wemainly eat ice cream on Sundays.Well, the majority of the timewe eat ice cream on Sundays.Or we mainly go to schoolevery day, so majority.Or you could even say usually, okay?This is a good expression to use,a good pattern to use.So we mainly go there after school,something we do a majorityof the time or usually, okay?

This is how you answerand talk about this topicand these are some patterns.Now, if you want even moredetails and more examples on how to answer any question in English,then you must get yourhow to make long sentencesin English ebook today.Through this ebook,you will learn how to answerany question in Englishand also how to make longsentences in English.

Keep learning and goto speak English with tiffani.

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