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SUQQU powder, makeup test 10 hours before makeup

Hello everyone! What I want to do today is a base makeup review of SUKU! Because it ’s time to go to Japan, is it expensive to buy SUKU in the US?It ’s not that convenient, and I do n’t want to buy it online, so I go to a department store! Can only say that Japanese department stores.The service is really good! I said I would send a makeup artist and translator to test the liquid foundation and help me.Makeup remover ~ from pre-makeup care ~ to finish makeup once! Good service after a long stay in the U.S.Do you think I want to tip? If there is no way to tip, should I buy more? And plus that makeup artist.He kept telling me that if you want to maintain makeup, you have to buy these! Then I was worried,what if the United States ca n’t buy it? So I bought it all! Then after buying,I saw a triumphant smile on the makeup artist's face! I feel like I'm too easy to be promoted? 

SUQQU powder, makeup test 10 hours before makeup

So today except,in addition to the evaluation of this foundation, I also want to try to see if this makeup artist recommended it to me before.It is necessary to buy! I will use a similar product instead and see how our makeup works? So let's get started!Because my skin is very dry, Suyu recommends me the first product is Good Night Mask. He is a very thick liquid like this.It smells like the faint floral smell. How can I use feelings? Just sticky. It's like rubbing raw protein on the face.Say good night mask before putting on makeup and give him five minutes to let him absorb it, the skin condition is better! I want to try it on the left.This fresh good night mask I already have. This side of the translucent jelly is actually a good one.The absorbed texture is also very good and it will not be as sticky as SUYU.Then with a touch of rose fragrance! I also like it very much. I'll wipe it a little here.Then this place is very dry. I still want to use his thick side only on this cheek.So five minutes later, SURU still sticks. Then fresh already felt like it had been absorbed.Just a little bit of oil on the surface. But it does feel that the dryness on both sides seems to improve.It ’s still sticky at this time. If you put it on directly, it ’s easy to float or smudge.This is my own fresh, so gently apply it on the face and massage in as much as possible. Dry the rest with a paper towel.I think the two sides are almost the same, nothing!So you don't have to buy it. 


Artistry 護膚品

The effect is pretty good, but it is really expensive! Little always asks for sixty mm!Then come their own makeup before the milk, the packaging is very expensive and the price is very expensive, such a small one for only 60 dollars.Then his opponent, I want to use this Shiseido-limited Frozen 2 makeup cream, which I bought in Japan! The Japanese are reallyvery good at packing! This ELSA is great! I don't remember the price, but at least it is about half of SUKU! Then the packaging is alsosuper cute! I hope ELSA stays on it, but there is only a small one on the back. Then both of them are a bit similar.It ’s so light and creamy like this, then SURU, this one is pink Shiseido, this one is white.Both are easy to push away! The push meeting feels good absorption, and the hands are very moist. On the right, SUSHIU, on the left, Shiseido.I do n’t think there is any difference in my face after rubbing!However, SUQU seems to be more moisturized on the touch! Compared to Shiseido. But is it necessary to buy sixty yuan? I don’t feel likewhat a special place! Finally we are going to come up with our protagonist! SUQQU Cream! The packaging of the cream is really beautiful,but I also think that his streamlined packaging can make you feel a little scary without closing it! Where is there something like this for you to get foundation cream.


At the same time, in addition to the cream, I also bought a small brush from their house! This little brush is for makeup foundation.The other end is a sponge stick, which can be used to flatten her.But such a small brush is also around $ 40, compared to my beauty blender,a five dollar bill! So let's try to see the effect of makeup on the bottom is different? The cabinet sister kept telling me if youto maintain the makeup of this creamy muscle, you must use a small brush! Let's see if it is true!We're all done now! I think i look in the mirror.In fact, it seems that the degree of conformity is obviously very good. This is really a waste of money.And he is not so easy to brush clouds! The cabinet sister kept telling me that if you do n’t use a brush, it wo n’t look shiny.I personally think it's a bull shit, the gloss on both sides is great! Or do we dimm the lights a little closer to see the actual performance.You can see that there is a perfect gloss on the side, and you can see the cracks. This is not really a cracked skin surface.It's just because he's very dry and the powder can't adhere well, so in fact there are so many! Alright ~ I have just finished using this concealer eyebrow and eyeliner.So in order to match this shiny base makeup, I use this HOULGLASS powder. Very light and moisturizing, does not feel very powdery.

Next blush eyeshadow, although I also have SUKU, but I want to introduce to you this Christmas makeup palette for CT!Many people want to know the details of his Christmas makeup palette. Let's make another video!That's it for makeup now! Is it a European and American premium texture! So actually i still,I really like this one, if I travel now I often only take this one. Next, I'll put on lipstick. I only have one SUKU lipstick, and the packaging is very high.This color is called red goldfish. Although it looks very red, it is closer to a translucent lip balm. It feels moisturized when rubbed off, and then it ’s a little sticky.It will feel like the stickiness of upper lip gloss. But the colors are really pretty. Do n’t you think it ’s so red?Although the color is very bright, but because it is a relatively translucent texture, the color rendering is not that high.But just like a very natural lip balm, it can be used for restorative makeup, which is very good. That's it, I'll finishthe plan for today is to go shopping for sports and go to a friend's house to watch the ball. So it should have been ten hours when I returned.Or after twelve hours. Let ’s take a look at which makeup on both sides will last longer! Then I changed my clothes.Here comes the exercise! Because my anterior cruciate ligament was broken earlier this year, what I can do now is very unusualLimited, so I am now ready to practice steel pipes! Because the skin friction is needed when practicing steel pipes, clothes really needwear very little! Then I'm not thin. If you see the fat, just wrap it up ~I have been exercising for an hour or two and then do some housework. I actually think it looks like there is a little shine now.But many people think that this gloss is very natural and beautiful, so you don't care. The concealer right now is a little bit off.Then if you look closely at the makeup on both sides, you will still find it is the beauty egg side.There is still a little crack on the brush. Alright so now,it's eight o'clock in the evening, so ten hours have passed. Then I just looked in the mirror, actually on both sides.The makeup effect is similar. It is possible that the mottled areas become more uniform after a long time here.I think the makeup is pretty good, even my reddish spots are not so obvious in principle. That CT ’s in.There is a little halo here, but otherwise the makeup effect is pretty good!Then we have come to the conclusion today! In short, although one can of SUKU is nearly one hundred dollars, it is rarely used and the makeup is good.Every time I use my husband, I can see: Why do n’t you rub SUKU with such good skin? So in fact, I think the money is worth it.In particular, sellfridge can be bought very cheaply, but the color number is not complete. What about the Good Night Mask in fact, I think it is very effective. Can really make my skin.It becomes more moisturizing, but because I really don't like it very much, it is too sticky. So I will run out but will not repurchase.I did n’t think there was much use before SUKU makeup, and I would never buy it again. I would repurchase before Shiseido makeup. Although he said this is Frozen 2Limited edition, so the packaging may be different in the future, but I think he absorbs and moisturizes well. I hope I can buy ELSAWe are here today! 

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