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Girls' daily skin care cleaning can be done in this way, recommended

Weekend cleaning ~ ~ share with you some of my weekly body cleaning products during this period, and put in some daily makeup removal and skin care. During the recording, all kinds of laughters are still out of power.


When it comes to this problem, I will give it to everyoneRecommend a productI forgot to paint it today. Whoops. Where did it go? I'll get it laterThis productEveryone knows this, is that Moroccan essential oilI'm still breathing because I jumped so excitedMaybe because I drank coffee this afternoonEvery time I drink coffee, it ’s like chicken blood.OK, let me show you, this texture is really super easy to useSqueeze a little bit, you do me freeThe texture is not greasy, I apply it a littleLet me show you the immediate effecttake a lookIs there an immediate effectLookDoes the hair become significantly brighter in the lens?Then there is gloss, right?Really not greasy, unlike some, I have tried many products before.Some of these similar products.Apply to the hair, the hair will be particularly greasy.It feels so uncomfortable wherever I goIt feels fluffy after using it. I feel very comfortable.Next, where is it, let ’s get back to it.Am I not back now?Ready to start a series of makeup and bath.My first step was to introduce aThisBobbiBrown Makeup Remover Foam,it ’s a makeup remover. I just got it.I originally wanted to buy it and try it with a try attitude, I feel really goodquite clean.Take a look, underneath it is oilTop is lotionthis oil accounts for less than a third, and there are many lotions.But what makes it different is(You shake it before using it, shake it evenly)Ok, it's been shaken by me.Then let ’s open it and take a look at its texture,I fall here, ah ~~~~~~

Awkward, awkward, awkwardthen I fell in my palm.You see, it's kind of bubblerarely seen makeup removing products are made into this bubble.Usually it ’s oily or watery.Just like the Bedma we often use  it is watery.Because once I saw that sharing is oily and unloading is cleanerI see that there is oil in this, too.Then I said to give it a try.Later I used this and found that it was really super clean.You rub your face firstthen I rubbed the bubbles and emulsified.After emulsification, you can wash it off with waterthen I use this Bedma's water for the second cleaning.Stained with this cotton. . . This one. . Why don't I suddenly remember what it is called cotton,cotton pad. . Right to right cotton pads.I squeezed it out for secondary cleaningYou find that there is no left on the faceMakeup residueCotton pads have no color, if you do not unload themIf you wipe this (cotton sheet).There will be residue on it, and it will be seen clearly on the cotton pad.After using makeup remover and secondary cleaning, I will use this once a week.This is from Japan, activated hydrogen.Drop it on your hand and feel it.

First it feels gelatinous.Then you've been frustrated on your face. .Frustrated a little bit, small particles.Hey ~ it's okay in my hand.Can I see it like this?Can fall out a little white, it feels like dirty, but in fact.It ’s not dirty, it ’s your oil and some dead skin.After thwarting this fluff, clean it again,I usually use it in T-zone.Forehead, nose, especially the two sides around the nose.I need to rub it for a while.There is a bit more frustration around the top and bottom of the lips.My face is not frustrated, because this skin is more sensitive and the cuticle is thinner.So these two sides are not used, mainly the T-zone and around the lips.If you use it, you will find that your skin texture will be much better.After the end you make another hydrating mask at night.You will find that your skin is so good that it feels transparent.Washing and cleaning my face with this product.Everyone knows this is easy to use, and I have unlimited repurchase.Because it ’s really easy to use, super easy to use, everyone who knows it knows.It doesn't feel tight after washing face.At the same time the cleaning power is very very good.So this one does n’t say much, it ’s easy to use, Chanel!Ah ~ After washing your face, you just wash your eyes.Because I wear invisible eyes during the day.After wearing it, the eyes will become very dry at night.Very uncomfortable, I will use this (Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Eye Wash).I bought it at a beauty store in Japan.Use it to clean your eyes with a lid on it.You open it.Pour the water into the lid,there is a line up there.After it ’s finished, it ’s a little higher on one side.This side is higher, this side is lower, and then you stuck it on your eyes, like this.It is soft on the outside,this is the kind of rubber material that is soft on the outside and then you squeeze it.When you squeeze, the liquid inside will move.When moving, it will bring out the dirty things in your eyes,in fact,I don't think it should be dirty.It's a secretion in the eyes, then wash it away.There's an anti-inflammatory calm, and vitamin B5 and the likehelps to slow dry eyes.Your eyes are particularly comfortable after use.At the same time, there will be some dust or something outside during the day.Also wash it clean.Do n’t count this once a week, just use it every day.The next step is a lip carethis one, let me show it to you guysit is frosted.But the frosted feeling in it is sugar.It's just sugar, and a bit of coffee,is very natural, with no extra.Because your lips are very sensitive.It's sugar, and I put it on my lips and apply it.After you apply it, you will feel particularly sweet, you just want to eat it.It ’s not that strong to shave, it ’s just comfortable.After wipingoutside you cut the plastic bag into small pieces.And put it on your mouth, then you take a hot towel.Just apply.Leave it for a few minutes and you remove it,you remove the plastic wrap and wash it again, you will feel.Special nourishment of the mouth.Use this when washing your face.Everyone knows that everything I use is grounded.Luna Foreo!Hey this LunaNext isToiletries, oops! out of battery! !!Hurry up, hurry up, next. . .Out of power, very unhappy and very depressed. . .I did n’t have any electricity just now. I went for a while, and now I ’ll talk about it.This scrub, I think the best one to use is this(For features, please make up your own ads).This scrub is super easy to use!Why is it super easy to use! It is not as dry as other scrubs after use.Or a special shave.But it does n’t. After it is applied to the skin, after washing.Will have a special fragrance (pelargonium).Let me show you, this texture.

When applied to the skin, it feels less shaved (irritated).When you wash off, you won't have that particular dry feeling on your skin.I feel a lot of moisture,it feels like a lotion.When I went to buy this, the shopping guide told me.After using this scrub, you are using Jo Malone's inner body lotion.Its lotion will absorb more easily,the fragrance will stay longer.But I especially like the taste of this scrub, it's very special!So I usually stop using body lotion after using it.It smells really good, you deserve it.I wash my hair with this one,this body shop has been using this one recently becauseI have great hair loss after giving birth.Catch a lot of seeds.Later my friend told me to try it, I tried this.Ginger shampooFeel it used up.Found that hair loss is less than before.Overall there is still a little effect.Ginger shampoo does not say much, after washing it is that kind of ginger.Hair is not particularly dry after washing,but relative to this, this word.It ’s specifically for extremely dry hair, for damaged hair.This is the taste of chestnuts. It tastes pretty good.So after every time I use these,I did n’t match it with my own conditioner,I have a Moroccan conditioner.Is the brand of Moroccan essential oil.It's not like some conditioner.Some conditioners run out of hair and have a greasy feel.After using it, the hair will become very smooth.Then the hair is not greasy and at the same time a little fluffy.This Femfreash should be used every day, not once a day.Is a private part of a woman ’s cleaning fluid.The PH value is the same as that of the human body. . The pH of the parts is similar.So there is no stimulation,nor would it say that you are overly clean. . . The kind that becomes very sensitive.What shall we do after washing.To apply something, but not body lotion.Because I said before that I do n’t need a body lotion after using that scrub.There should be applause here.This is from Clarins,I gave her the name, Dabo Cream.Postpartum mothers know that after breastfeeding.

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