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2020 digital marketing will be how to change


In this clip,we're going to talk about how digitalmarketing is going to change in 2020 butbefore we do, don't forget to subscribeor follow whatever platform you are on.If you're interested in marketing,business, entrepreneurship, growth,whatever it is exactly. We got youcovered. So let's talk about this.Digital marketing is changingevery single day. In fact,I have a clip from the marketing schoolpodcast where we talk about how it'schanging every single day.

If you think about it, search is changing. We,in our days when we have questionsthat we would've just googled it,but now people are just asking things like, Alexa, what the answers are,and because of that,SEO is going to change into more and morevoice search and when it changes intovoice search,what you'll see is like you have richsnippets and Google taking your data.It's going to get even worse in whichthey're going to just take your data andshow it through a microphone or a speakerand you're not going to get anyonecoming to your website because ofthat. In fact, look at this. Google,I think in the last, uh, in 2018,I believe they made over 13,000changes to their, to their algorithm.So things are changing all the time.So if we think about this like, look,guess what, Linkedin,we now have access to linkedin lifeand this is as of recently and a lot ofthings, look, Instagram haslive, linkedin has live,Facebook has live, there'sLyme everywhere, right?So video is just going to continue toget bigger and bigger and bigger. Um,and I just don't see that changing.Like technology is getting better.Our bandwidth is getting better too.People are talking about 5g I don't see,I don't see that going anywhere.So video has to be in yourstrategy now because we feel,look at a video like this,we actually repurpose this intoshort little a social clips as well.We also repurpose this into audio.We also might repurpose this into a blogpost. So we have a lot of different,um, we can create a lot of differentpieces of content just by utilizing video,you know, if we're wearing microphones.So the quality is pretty good. And, um,you know, if you're listeningto this on podcasts,this actually came from a videoin the, in the first place.So video is going toget bigger and bigger.The engagement that we're gettingfrom these live videos is super high.Like the next thing we're goingto say is, sure video is big,but like when you go live you cansimulcasts. So we simulcasts to Facebook,youtube, twitch, also the linkedin atthe same time just to go live. Look,that's great, right? Engagementis great around delight videos.You think about thegamers that are, you know,people that watch spend hours andhours watching gamers play. Um,that is from live streaming.So live streaming is going now wherevideo is going to get bigger and bigger.Amazon is actually comingout with live streaming too,so that if you have products out there,you will have the ability torun live streams on Amazon too.Next thing that I wantto talk about was voice.Even though you have a AmazonAlexa, you have all these different,or maybe you have a Google homes, likeit's very, it's very primitive right now.

You can ask all, I talked to my, myAlexa belt is the weather right now.How's the weather?And then my second command is how'sthe weather for the next seven days?Those are the only two things I askedfor right now. The weather. Okay. Um,it's gonna get stronger and stronger.And also when you ask for when you,when you're doing searches,I think on mobile right now,I think it might be like 40% or so of,of, of searches our, um, our voice,right? But it's very transactional.So what you have to be,be paying attention to is ifvoice search is getting bigger,you have to try and get that regszero snippet because those are what,like an Alexa or Google home pull fromwhen they answer a question, right? Like,you know, um, you know,what is the capital ofCalifornia Sacramento, right?That, that like, that's,that's, that's how it works. Voice isgoing to get bigger and bigger. Um,you have to think about optimizing forrank zero and let's move on to the nextthing. Rand Fishkin actuallydid a study, um, this is, uh,he did a study with jumpshot andthis is on his blog, spark Toro.But the number of zero clicksearches are continuing to rise,meaning that when peopleland on a search result page,the actually aren't able to, they aren'tgoing to click to go to the website.They're getting their answer on the page.So what you have to do is see if you'reranking for ranks are on that page,you have to make the most of the on SyrupSEO meaning you have to optimize thattoo. So if you, if you rank fora query, like how to tie a tie,maybe in that query yousay, Hey, by the way,if you want to learnmore about ties or style,go to Noah's tie blog.com.Okay. Um, and you know,there's a little brandingopportunity in there,so you have to learn how to do onSyrup SEO. Also on the other side,the reason why we developed a softwarethat we have called click flow, um,is so you can optimize titles and Metadescriptions to rank higher to get ahigher click through rates when itcomes to when it comes to Google.Cause if you rank for something likea red shoes, and I'm another one,another title called a redshoes, uh, top review for 2019,you're probably going to clickon the second one, right?It's got a better title.It's more enticing for youto click on. So on Serp SEO,optimize your titles and Metadescriptions, um, all that good stuff.I have a podcast called marketing school.I talk about marketing every single day.I do videos on this every single day.Um, and you know, these are thethings that I'm hearing all the time,but what I think is not goingto go away too is, is in person.Like we had our conference,a marketing school live,and a lot of people showed up for that.Um, we kept it at about 200 people.I think about ball and150, 160 people showed up.I think it's around that range. Um,I talked to a couple of other people thatthey think it's around that range too.Um, my team kind of thinksit's different. Um, but anyway,so marketing school livethe, having that live event,having those live touch points, right. Um,we had a client that justsigned on with us, uh,potential clients that we're aboutto sign on with us and I think we're,we're in contract, um,fight on negotiations or referencechecks right now with one of them.It's because we had an inperson touch point, right?All the things that are talking.We were talking about all thepeople that they got to meet,all the speakers that we had. Um,being able to do those live events,which is why that's leading to us. Um,Neil and I doing our growth acceleratormastermind, which by the way,you can go to marketing school.io/livethat's Liv to apply, um,for our mastermind. But the we, we are,we've realized that thepower of live events is, um,it's unparalleled because people wantto have connection with other people.And those of you that are listeningright now or are watching this right now,look, we're planning to do anotherconference in January or February.You might my aim for 500, 500 people ora thousand people or so. So live events,um, are not going to go anywhere andthey're just gonna get better and better,stronger and stronger over time. Oh, andwe have a live stream that as well. Um,and by the way, going back to livestreaming, um, I want to talk about,because live streaming is so goodfor increasing your watch time.

You want to like if youare optimizing on youtube,you got to think about havinglonger videos for watch time,which is why we're tryingto convert videos like thisto longer watch times. Um,because that's going toget people to stay longer.Your videos are going toshow more. Um, and you know,that that is something thatis going to continue more.People are good at continue to trend inthat direction because everyone's makingthese short form videos.Moving on from that, look,we talked about voice search, wetalked about zero click searches.We talked about live streaming. There'sall these different things happening,right? Also ads, these ad platforms,even though we all love them,they're going to get more and moreexpensive. Okay. Um, 10 years ago,Facebook ads wasn't around. Twitterads weren't around. And um, Google,Google is reaping and all thedough, right? And you know,they're auction based systems. So adsare gonna get more and more expensive.Facebook as an ad ad based system orauction based system where ads are gonnaget more expensive as well. Um, sowhat's gonna happen is, you know,all the LDS people are playing the,this a return on investment game. Um,you know, um, cost of acquiringa customer, CAC ratio, LTV ratio.These are important games to play and,but if you keep just relying on ads,you're going to be in trouble.You cannot just rely on on ads.So you have to think about how you candiversify and protect yourself. Um,the good news for you is Pinterest andAmazon are going to continue to getstronger and stronger. Um,Amazon especially is risingvery, very quickly. Um,so pay attention to dos as well.And then the other thing I want to sayaround how digital marketing is going tochange is, um, all the data thatyou're ingesting if you're building,if you've built an audience, um,is you want to utilize customerdata platforms or cdps.We use one called hole hole,that's h u l L. Dot. Io.And we're able to look at Cruz visitingour site and then put them into accountbased marketing sequences where we canmarket to a bunch of people on theirteams. The other thing I want toadd is, um, when I think about the,the marketing school podcast, ifI look at over the years how, um,Neil and I have done thingsin the very beginning when,especially when I was learning marketing,Neil already had hisblog quicksprout and all,he would do his blog and over theyears I would talk to him and I'd say,hey look, we probablyshould take a look at video.You should probably take alook at podcasts. You right.The reason we have a podcast is andkept telling him podcast is amazing. Um,and I told them videos amazingtoo. He got into video two. Uh,I'm not saying I told him to doeverything right, but, um, it's, you know,he realized the need to kindof have to take this, um,multichannel approach and same, thesame thing for what we do, right?We have our blog, wehave our youtube channel,we have our podcasts thatwe have to podcasts, right?We speak around the world.So for us it's content iswhat we love doing, right?Teaching is what we love doing,cause to be able to articulate what wealready know makes us stronger at it. Um,and at the same time we're helping abunch of people at scale and some peoplewant stuff for free. Well youshould want stuff for free.Check out a free content. You wantto pay us, you can pay us. You know,we have another chair if you wantto, if you want to pay us even more,if you want more attention from us, youcan pay us even more. Right? So, um,it's having that ladder going up. Sofunnels are still very important. Um,and also taking thatmultichannel approach,an omnichannel approach where peoplepay a lot of lip service to but theyactually aren't, are doing. Um,you have to do that to beable to cover yourself.So that's going to help you interms of building a brand. Um,who else does a good job with this?Gary v does a really good job with this.

In fact, I think he produces a hundredpieces of content every single day.And he has, uh, he has like a, aniMessage group with like 30 people in it.And you know, they'll start witha piece, like a video like this.They'll throw a video in there andthen everyone jumped on the video,chop it up into different pieces,chop it up into blog posts, you know,and then chocolate into podcastdistributed into like soundcloud, Spotify,apple podcast, Google podcast,stitcher, just everywhere, right?And it becomes just thisgiant machine. Um, and they,they produce so much content. I thinkthey, um, they're, they're always,you know, um, last time I checked,they would be like two to three daysaway from running out of content.So maybe they could improve that,that, um, that process now. But um,that's the level that, um, you know,some people are at. And um, if you,if you can play a little bit to a level,maybe like five pieces aday or 10 pieces a day,I think you're going to be in a good spot.And if you can get up to a hundred aday, you know all the more power to you.So those are just a couple of things topay attention to when it comes to wheredigital marketing is changing in 2020 Ido have a another video for you to checkout that's related to this. So don'tforget to check out the next video.If you're watching the video right nowand also whatever channel you're on,don't forget to rate, review andsubscribe and leave a comment.Let us know what you think.Which one of these is going to makethe biggest impact in terms of digitalmarketing for 2020 andwe'll see you tomorrow.

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