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Portable coffee machine or home automatic coffee machine

Portable coffee machine or home automatic coffee machine

As a star who doesn't drink coffee, I have fallen in love with this bitter, sweet, sweet and fragrant "soul awakening thing" since I started to enjoy instant coffee refreshing in my school days. From star-dad fans, a medium latte a day, monthly peak consumption can easily break the 2K mark, to now every morning at home to make their own coffee, to the company just right temperature. If I can't break up with coffee, I'm going to marry the coffee machine. Just like marriage, fit, practical and fit are the most important, so how to choose from so many home coffee machines in the market? Below introduce a few household coffee machine, make a reference for everybody!

Portable coffee maker for home use

You can have a nice cup of coffee at home, but what about when you are on a business trip or doing outdoor activities like drinking a cup of coffee? Portable coffee machine is recommended for home use and outdoor use. The portable coffee machine can be divided into two types of coffee powder and capsule brewing design. It is easy to operate and tastes good. Bring your own coffee mug and it's easy to take it outside.

Semi-automatic coffee machine, the first choice for taste party and experiencers

Semi-automatic coffee machine is the choice of professionals, and the operation is relatively complex, which requires grinding beans, filling powder and pressing powder, as well as controlling the grinding thickness of coffee powder. Professional technology can control the taste from the thickness, and the amount of grinding powder and the intensity of pressing powder are the factors that determine the taste of coffee. Those who like to study coffee drinks or are picky about taste and pursue high quality can refer to it.

Automatic coffee machine, one button operation, a must for lazy people

For don't like complex operations, friends don't have much time to make coffee, Fully automatic coffee machine can save you, only need to put the coffee beans in the barn, choose the coffee tastes like, don't need any operation after a button press, quietly waiting for a few seconds, you can drink a cup of freshly brewed coffee made at home.

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