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How to discuss topics with team members in a group

Halo! My name is Rebecca and our lesson today is how to get activein English language discussion, you may need it in your personal or professional life.Or in academic life, okay? Now the topic that we will use as an example is which is better.Study online or in a regular class? OK? You will have an opportunity to hear the discussion.Through English speakers on this subject, what I would like you to listen to is anya special expression and sentences they use during the discussion after that I willI review expressions and phrases with you, okay? right Now . Today I have some special friends.Those who agreed to help me in this lecture were waiting in the row behind.Section so let's go and say hello to them.Hello !!! - Hi - Hi well, there seems to be ...Ronnie ... Alex ... James ... AdamThank you for joining me, and thank you for your help in this lecture, guys.No problem, no problem!


Well you know we are talking about discussions, and the topic is which is the best online study.Or study in a regular class? Well whoever wants to start firstwell, I will start .. Actually I think it is very good to study online and that.Because it is so convenient because you can study anywhere you want and at the right speed for you.For example, for someone like me, I would like to study at night so it would be better for me.Because of the quietness at night, no one bothered me and I can do what I wantwell, that's true, but if you study online.Sorry but ,, please let me finish, let me finish,I've been studying, it's true, but if you study online you need to motivate yourself soI think that studying in a regular class is better as there are other students and a teacher.He can motivate you - that's right, but some people can'tgoing to class and don't have enough money or resources to go.For a large school, so studying online can work for free.For me ? Well, I would like, in addition, I might say something.Sure, basic skills are usually not spoken of.In schools, however, when we speak of basic skills, they are really interacting with.Your English is when you are with others and this is difficult to get online because you areyou watch the screen and do not interact with other people.You made a good point, but I would like to add something sometimes to have colleagues.You lose focus because you may have gone back a few times for somepeople until they understand it or come up with topics that are important to other peoplenot for yourself, so there's a bit of distraction, too.


n any case, focusing is a good thing. I mean, it is not bad for things to be returned sometimes and so.Because some people do not absorb the substance from the first time, so you can return the substance.With them, you know, you will go deeper and you will learn more and the people who do not understand.They will have an opportunity to ask questions and learn through them again.Yes, but sometimes the resources you get in class are boring and online.You can search for what you need and get the right thing.You are not obligated to rely on the textbook. Sometimes the textbook is bad.Well, don't get me wrong. I mean, there are good sources on the Internet, like: www.engvid.com! penetration testing

Anyway ... I am sorry, did you say: www.engvid.com.I said www.engvid.com I heard about www.engvid.com.I think I am and I am too.Check it out - anyway, it's a good site.So, as I said, don't make me wrong. I think there are excellent resources on the Internet.However, some students who are learning English for the first time may not know.How do they judge the quality of the resources so I think if you went to school and you arein the classroom with your teacher, who coaches you, is professional and cangiving you the resources you need to develop your English.Well, it's a good thing. You said he was a professional teacher because he is at www.engvid.com.Yes EngVid? The teachers are ready.For your education. So in conclusion, in short, can we in short, say?Will studying online or studying in class help anyone?Yes, I definitely think so,I agree with you _ well thank you very much.To help you guys.Well now we will review some of the phrases and expressions that I heard in the discussionI honestly think that studying online is good,I think you use it when you want to express your opinion and you can say it too.I think etc ... Next!That is correct, but if you study online.In any case . Focus is a good thing __ yes, but sometimes the sources arethat you get in class is boringWell these three phrases are true, however, or in any case or yes but they are used.They used what you think we use it when we want to oppose someone.When I agree with someone on something he said well? Next one.You posed a good point, but I would like to add that some colleagues sometimes.Distract your focusyou made a good point and I want to add ... it is a nice expression and it will appear.You realize the contribution from someone else.It will add your own opinion which may differ from whatthe person said. Okay!But if you study online, sorry, butI ? Well I would like to add, maybe I could say something.Sorry but ,,,, that Ronnie said, or maybe I can say something that the two James said:There are two different methods that you can use to break down the discussion. You see that the first wasObviously, it is not polite enough to show your disapproval and James.He said I would like to say something and it is a very polite way to get into the discussion. 

next one!Sorry but _ _ please let me finish. Let me finish.Please let me finish it is a very nice way to hold floor what is the meaning of hold floorin the debate? You mean installing your site as a speaker, okay? Soif someone tries to interrupt your talk but you want an opportunity to end the argumentthe one you give then says, please let me finish, okay? Very nice . next one.As I said it is true but studying online.As I said, it is used when it comes to you to talk in order to complete what?I said when someone boycotted you, okay? It's a way of saying well I'm talkingagain, as I mentioned, is everything okay?OK . Don't get me wrong, I mean there are good resources on the Internet.Alex said .. don't mistake me now. This is an interesting expression because whensomething is explained or presentedone point of view is certain, but I understand that there is another point of viewI accept that and I understand that anyway. I am still in my opinion so it can be used.When you take into account other opinions, the followingas a conclusion, in short, can we summarize and say?Well it's three phrases that Ronnie used to end the discussion so in conclusion.In short, in short, it means short or summary.Can we summarize mean can we summarize? It is a nice way to end the discussionwith the participation of all, not one person, decides to end the discussionit included everyone by asking permission, can we say , well!I hope that the lecture gave you a number of different expressions that you can usewhen you are part of a discussion ... 

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