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Diced beef and willow with pepper and cola


Welcome to the diet man. When I was young, an uncle told me.He couldn't finish a can of cola. I didn't believe it at that time.But as I grew older XD, I started to realize that I can only drink half of it =. =, I can't drink it.So today I will teach you a whole dish: color pepper cola beef fillet.First introduce the materials: there are onions, there are three color peppers, red yellow green.Garlic flakes, beef fillet, cola, soy sauce.Chicken sauce, oil, black pepper, salt.Put the PAN in the oil first, heat it up, then fry the garlic slices.You can pick it up until it turns golden brown..Mostly used to decorate and give garlic a scentUsing the same PAN and oil, place the beef fillet in.

Don't fry the beef tenderloin here.If it is fully cooked, it will be `` tough '' at the end.After frying for a while, season it, use salt and black pepper, mainly to give the beef tenderloin a base taste.You can fry for a while, and you can pick up the spare when it is about 5 years old.Stir fry onion with the same PAN.Don't fry too soft, just fry it OK.Then add other ingredients.Fry a few times, this one doesn't have to be fried until soft, just a few fry is OK.Put back beef tenderloin and stir fry,I am more likely to eat chicken sauce, so I will add more and less chicken sauce, if you are afraid of spicy, don't add too much.

After adding cola, endless cola XD.You should now find the juice very thin.Add raw flour water to thicken the juiceAfter adding the raw powder water, you will get thicker after two more stir-fries.So that all the ingredients can get the juiceNow the beef is about seven mature, so it can be served..Of course, if you buy beef, it's not too good, of course, it should be cooked to the full.I hope you like this bell pepper coke fillet, thank you for watching, (subscribe to us soon).

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