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Lin Xinru put on sleeveless skirt, arm is so thick


Lin Xinru put on a sleeveless skirt with such a thick arm! Netizens: Holding a child becomes thicker, so is the star!Lin Xinru has always been a very strict person who manages herself. She had a good body before. She didn't see any fatness on her body, but when she put on a sleeveless skirt, her arms were really stout, but there were some. Netizens said that she is a mother, and holding children will make her arms thick, and stars are no exception!

How much fat is Lin Xinru in the end, how do you feel that wearing a sleeveless skirt is full of fat on your arms, hasn't you been exercising before? This arm is really full of meat.Lin Xinru this dark blue tulle dress is very elegant lady, but she just raised her hands, her arms are thick, her face is also very round.Lin Xinru wore a blue dress like this, which showed her temperament, but she lost her waist! It felt like a straight line from top to bottom.Although she was seeing through the yarn, her arms were still very strong.

In the case of no picture modification, Lin Xinru looked a little fat, especially the position of the arm, the elastic band of the neckline, the arm was pulled out of the fat, and it was hard enough for himself.In fact, as long as she dresses well, she can't see that she is fat. In this way, she wears a white dress full of temperament and puts on high-heeled shoes on her feet to highlight her temperament.Short-sleeved T-shirt with skinny jeans, this is more casual and fashionable. At the same time, this loose style, lining her body is very good, not fat at all.When she wore a dark blue jumpsuit like this, it made her look under the chest as a sense of sight of the legs, and at the same time, the lace see-through cuffs added a bit of femininity.

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