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New Zealand semi self drive tour Auckland shopping tour


I had just came back from Australia and New Zealand.And now I want to share my trip with you guys.Actually, my friend showed me around in New Zealand.Since he has been living there for almost a decade now.So after 13 hours of flight.My friend picked me up at the airportAnd we drove about 2 hours to his house in a place called Hamilton.We didn't do much at the first night, since I'm exhaustedthe next morning we went to the church,because...actually my friend is getting marry.So we went there a day earlier to decorated the place (very well prepared).The village church here is simpler, less fancy than like the big church or the cathedral.Its surrounded by a garden and trees.But it feels cosier and warmer to me, everyone is closer with each other.And it quickly becomes night time.So now we are going to eat dinner...what are we going to eat actually?We're going to eat burger(Literally).Ooooh we've finished our dinner, so full.It tastes pretty nice tbh, its slow aged beef.Together with bacon, that cost only around $16.Then we went to my favourite place during my backpack travel.Honestly, "Supermarket is your friend" is actually true when you're backpacking.

Usually for the night before wedding, the groom and the best men would go out to bar, or go crazy whatever.But this place must be a desert.So we went to do something very, very interesting.We went to meet my friend's actual wife.At least I did one thing that a best man should do.That is to make sure the groom arrives at the wedding in one piece.Now we're at a place called Hamilton Garden.Basically is a huge garden with different themed section.I realised its a really nice place here.So if you're now planning to shoot your wedding photos, maybe you can consider here.Especially if you love outdoor and landscapes.It may be a good choice for you to get married in New Zealand.We officially started our trip the next morning.To go to a small town next to Hamilton.Called RotoruaAnd we passed an even smaller town called Tirau.'Cause we haven't had breakfast yet, so we stopped by to grab some bread and coffee.Over there in the bakery.I realised the bakery here is not what I think, only after I got in.Its more like a fast food shop.You got fried chicken, chips, that kind of food.And some sort of pastries yes.But the coffee sucks, its terrible.Afterwards we went on to Rotorua.There is a volcano near the city, so I heard.So there is a lot of hot water rising up around the city.And tonight we'll also be living in a Spa motel.One thing that you guys can't feel now is the smell.There's a very strong scent of sulphur, essentially it smells like fart.I know I shouldn't walk this far onto the beach, since this is outside the fence.


But the water is white in color here, and there's a lot of steam and bubbles coming up.Looks like im going to take a closer look.See the gas bubbles?Oh its just cold waterAre the sea gulls here smarter or what.Or too many tourist fed them.They can hold off in mid air to catch the breadcrumbs.In Hong Kong there is a place called instagram pier.This could potentially be the one in New Zealand.There are lots of hot spring pool in Rotorua.Like those in this parkAnd just like in Japan, they have foot bath for people to try.But the water here is really hot.So they fenced it up (and I didn't dare to cross this time).And some mud pool as well.Could this be the hottest river on earth.We've been going around the city for the whole day and now its time to check in our motel.And this is the spa motel we stayed this time.While we were thinking what's the Spa Jacuzzi is going to looks like.Something happened that night. So...We have a big group of more than 10 people, so they gave us the biggest room they have.Got 2 floors, with kitchen, living room on the ground.Huge place,and there's the jacuzzi tub.But the biggest problem is upstairs.This bathroom's sewage is blocked, completely blocked.So it flooded the whole place up after someone took a shower.Even the ceiling on ground floor was leaking water, we can't use the jacuzzi.At last we had to ask the manager to gave us another room.Before we have dinner, we stopped by to do a little shopping.And this supermarket is called,its kind of cheaper, warehouse superstore.If you're like me, visiting Australia after New Zealand, or vice versaThen you need to be careful of the import goods law.Both countries have extremely strict laws about this, as you may have heard.They will really open your suitcase and pick out one by one to check (that's my case).But if you're going back to your home country directly, then its not a problem for you.Today we are here in the redwood forest.

Its really really beautiful here, first time I've been in a forest like this.I just wish I can camp out here.Take a look.I have to say this hike is one of my favourites during this trip.If you have watched my other videos, you'd know I'm into hiking and camping in Hong Kong.And what an enjoyable experience to hike at such a lovely place outside of Hong Kong.If you're not too interested in hiking, there's a cable car ride.That goes all the way to mid-hill, so you can look down to see the whole town.Then we left Rotorua and went back to Auckland.The title of this video (in Cantonese) is called semi-self-driving tour.Which I never drive, since half of the time I was in my friends' car.Another half of the time I was staying in Auckland so no need to drive.After 4 hours of long ride, I'm finally in Auckland city centre.Now this is Queen streetI live in hostel in Auckland.I always like to live in hostel when I'm travelling.For those who are not familiar with living in hostel.Good thing is that, its cheaper and you could meet more people.But the bad thing is, you could end up in a dirty one.Like the one I've been last night.So I switched to this one this morning.But its still early so I left my bags and go somewhere.Its a place a bit further from city centre.About 30 minutes bus ride.Called Onehunga.the main attraction there is.A big outlet shopping mall.let see if I can buy some things for the cheap there.I think you can spend around 2-3 hours in the mall.Got all sort of fashion clothings, watches, health products, etc.But I think Hongkongers are mostly familiar with sports brands here.Just so it happened that NZD dropped a bit recently , so it maybe some extra discounts.Unlike in Hong Kong, the outlets here are actually selling much cheaper goods.But the clothes may be in extreme sizes.Since this is NZ marketThey may only have XL or XXLSo for asian body types, you might need to search a bit longer for the right size.Didn't expect such a large plate.$10-ish dollar dish in Hong Kong means just enough portion.Ooo pretty full now.Maybe better if I can have a bottle of beer.Didn't seems to find any liquor store here.OMG there's one right across the street!.So there's part in the store that is a freezer room.Lots of different brands in there, but all in a pack of 6.I was trying to film it.But its too damn cold in there.Just bought one.That night I was editing my travel vlog in Tokyo.Click on the top right corner's playlist if you're interested.Or just go into my channel after this.Today we are going to Auckland's pier area.There's a food court here at the pier.So many seafood restaurants, but could be quite busy during lunch time.So I bought takeaway and sat down next to the sea.Almost forgot to try the golden kiwis (banghead).Its $5.5 a kilo at Countdown supermarket I bought 2.So now I'm going to buy a bus ticket to the airportThe company is called SkyBus.Its just $19.To get to the airport from city centre in less than an hour.

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