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Are you aware of your strengths? Tips to get out of "Strength Blindness"


Are you aware of your strengths?

The strengths and strengths that everyone has. Are you aware of it yourself?

If you know your strengths, you can take a step forward when you try something new, or you can be confident in your decisions when you're lost. In addition, it becomes an axis to be more self-centered in the environment where it is now.

Why don't you find your strengths and create opportunities to grow into new ones?

What is Strength Blindness?

Do you know the word "strength blindness"?

Strength = strength, blindness = ignorance = it means that you do not know your strengths. Japanese people are considered to be a virtue to be humble and humble, so the idea of always being aware of their strengths may not be standard.

What are the benefits of getting out of strength blindness?

Increase your sense of self-affirmation

It can be said that knowing one's strengths is affirming oneself. Recently, it is said that it is also important for child-rearing. Knowing your inner strengths will lead you to love yourself and gain confidence.

Be positive by finding yourself

When you find your strengths, it's important to find out for yourself, not by the evaluations of the people around you. Of course, if you are evaluated by the people around you, you will feel confident, but on the other hand, you may be swayed by the evaluation of those around you.

If you have the strengths that you can find in your work and life, you will be able to have a positive axis that will not be swept away by the world of the times.

Stress-free everyday

If you can find your own value and have a high sense of self-affirmation, you will have fewer negative ways of thinking.

Of course, it is natural for human beings to have negative ways of thinking and feeling. However, while accepting this, it will be easier to switch to a positive perspective, and it will lead to your own way.

Learn about your strengths

How many "strengths" can you say that you have found yourself?

It's good to find a lot of them, but just finding one strength that doesn't shake will change your mind. Let's start by finding our strengths.

write it down on a piece of paper

1: What do you like?

It doesn't matter whether it's a job, a hobby, or anything. First of all, let's write what you like. There is a saying that "love is what you like to be good at," but it's nice to be enthusiastic about what you love. If you can find something you like, it might be a chance to be confident.

Skills and qualifications

Let's write down all the qualifications that you are using at work and those that you are not using. If you find a sleeping qualification that you have acquired in the past that can be linked to your current job, it will become a strength and gain confidence.

In addition, it is OK even if it is not a skill that can be said to be a qualification. Let's look back on our daily self, such as being good at understanding the other person's request, being good at putting together numbers, getting ideas from chances, and assuming risks.

The good point of character

It may be difficult for people to tell you what's good about your personality. However, by writing on paper, you can recognize it as a "strength" within yourself. And if you can further develop your strengths, your sense of self-affirmation will become stronger, and you may be able to take positive actions such as taking on new challenges.

Bright, forward-looking, and so on, are generally not just about being good. The character that I think is passive is also steady and reliable if I change my point of view. It is a point to try to face from a different point of view than usual.

Making the most of your strengths

If you can put your strengths into words, let's actually make the most of those strengths. In addition, my strengths become confident and lead to my own growth.

How to make the most of your actual life

For job hunting and job change

"Self-promotion" is asked when changing jobs. If you always understand your strengths, you don't have to look for or create episodes when you change jobs. If you talk about your strengths, as usual, you will be able to respond with confidence.

Emergency disasters, etc.

I think that there are a lot of people who thought that it was itchy that it did not know what to do even if it wanted to do at the time of a new virus and a disaster like this. Even in such a case, knowing your strengths may help you with someone else. It's not just a good time, it's only when you have a problem that you can make the most of your strengths.

Take on new challenges

A new world and a new relationship are exciting and exciting, but I also get nervous. But if you don't have your own strengths and don't shake them, you don't have to be afraid. Even if I failed, I was able to cherish the feelings I wanted to do. From there, you can also get the awareness of moving on to a new world.

If you think positively about your mistakes, you may be able to find new strengths for yourself.

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