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Mr. Takeda's lecture on epidural anesthesia!


Hi hello. This is Takeda from Shimbashi Ginza Exit of Shonan Beauty Clinic.Today I will introduce epidural anesthesia with lip aspiration of the abdomen.Anesthetize your backIt hurt a little.1% xylocaine.It's an anesthesia that often strikes the gums at the dentist. Do the same anesthesia.What I use is a needle called a Tweed needle.The needle is inserted into the gap between the bones, but if it is inserted vertically, it does not fit well.It is pushed a little.Fine?And we aim at the space called epidural space.

We have not yet reached space.The feel of this syringe is hard because it has not reachedSomething will rebound. I haven't entered this yet.This syringe still feels hard. I'm going a little moreThis syringe is still rebounding hard.I can reach the epidural space soonI'm going a little moreMaybe I've reached this. Then you got insideBecause the needle point has reached the space, it becomes soft.This is proof that you have reached the epidural space.I will put the catheter from here.The catheter enters.

With the catheter inside, just pull out the needle.I think the depth was about 5.5cm now.The catheter is about 4.5 cm in the epidural space, so let's pull out about 5.5 + 4.5 = 10 cm. Just 10cm from the skin.It is fixed here.Apply negative pressure here and check if you are in the space properly. If you enter the space, nothing can be closed.If you enter a blood vessel or something, the blood will come out. It is proof that you have entered the space properly because this catheter is not closedI'll put the test anesthesia. 9:55.The rate is 90.If this is in a blood vesselThe heart rate is now 88, but this rises at a stretch to around 120.Just for a really short time. It only takes about 15 seconds so I have to look closely.Looking at it now means that it is not up, so it is not in the blood vessels.This will confirm that the catheter is in the epidural space. So it's a test anesthesia now.That is all.

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