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Look at the following aspects of nb-iot's cost advantages

Look at the following aspects of nb-iot's cost advantages

1, in terms of chip design, low speed, low power consumption and low bandwidth to bring the low-cost advantage

Chip design there are many technical difficulties, its architecture, functional module simplification, core, processor and peripheral modules and device selection has also changed.

Low speed does not require a large buffer, lte iot module low power consumption means low radio frequency (RF) design requirements, low bandwidth does not require a complex equalization algorithm, simplifies the number of blind checks, reduces the maximum transmission block, and simplifies modulation and demodulation.

NB-IoT only supports FDD (HalfDuplexFDD, HD-FDD) b-type mode, which means the uplink and downlink are separate in frequency and the UE will not handle both transmitting and receiving, thus saving the cost of duplex components.

When UE transmits uplink signal, the previous subframe and the next subframe do not receive downlink signal, which extends the protection time slot, reduces the requirement of equipment and improves the reliability of signal.

4, In addition, the development of half-duplex design means that we only need a switch to change the transmit and receive management mode. Compared with the components required for full duplex, the cost is lower, and enterprises can effectively reduce battery consumption.

There are two other influencing factors to consider regarding enterprise costs. One is the cost of the operator's network culture construction project, and the other is the maturity of the industry chain.

As for the cost of network culture construction projects for operators, NB-IoT does not need to rebuild social networks, and RF and antenna technologies are basically multiplexed.

6. For the industry chain, the chip is the core of the whole network IoT industry chain. Now, almost all major chip and module manufacturers have clear plans to support the Network of Things, which will create a better ecosystem. Reducing costs is very beneficial.