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What is the difference between Wi-Fi module and Bluetooth module?

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Before we talk about "Wi-Fi module and Bluetooth module", let's first talk about three concepts: one is "Wi-Fi", the other is "Bluetooth", and the third is "module".


Wi-Fi is a technology that allows devices to access the wireless bluetooth lte moduleLAN; distributed in the 2.4G and 5G bands, essentially converting wired network signals into wireless signals to achieve a certain range of Wi-Fi devices do not need to be wired to access the network, such as cell phones connected to routers for Internet access through Wi-Fi; Wi-Fi is widely used in homes, shopping malls, office areas, dining and other places Wi-Fi is the most widely used wireless technology, with fast transmission rate, stable data and no cost; the latest Wi-Fi6 standard 802.11.ax, with a maximum transmission speed of 9.6Gbps, can further optimize people's Internet experience; in addition, Wi-Fi devices can also be used for short-distance wireless data transmission.


Bluetooth is also a wireless technology standard, using the 2.4G band, used for data transmission between short-range Bluetooth devices, based on Bluetooth low power consumption, stable data connection, high security features, Bluetooth technology is widely used in wireless wear, consumer electronics, intelligent control and other fields, such as Bluetooth headphones, Bluetooth speakers, smart door locks, etc.; in the Bluetooth is divided into classic Bluetooth and Bluetooth BLE.

Classic Bluetooth: Bluetooth for large data transmission.

Bluetooth BLE: Bluetooth with low power consumption and small data transmission.


Is able to complete a certain function of the collection, with the connection to the external environment of the interface and internal code program; module package can be divided into pins and patches, pins are relatively easy to test and use, patches are more suitable for mass production; can be selected according to their own needs.

After reading the introduction of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, modules, I believe that we have a basic concept of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, modules, so we will then go deeper into our Wi-Fi modules and Bluetooth modules in the end what is it?

Wi-Fi module

A collection of integrated Wi-Fi chips, code programs, and basic circuitry; converts serial or TTL into Wi-Fi wireless standard data, with internal wireless network protocol IEEE802.11b.g.n stack and TCP/IP stack, capable of connecting serial devices to the Internet.

Bluetooth module

Integrated Bluetooth chip, code program, a collection of basic circuits; able to mesh networking, data transmission; mainly to complete the exchange of data from device to device.

The difference between Wi-Fi module and Bluetooth module

by now I believe we all know what is Wi-Fi module and what is Bluetooth module, next we will talk about their differences;.

1, the frequency

①, Wi-Fi frequency is divided into 2.4G and 5G band; Wi-Fi 2.4G band has 13 channels, 2401 ~ 2423MHz; Wi-Fi 5G band is divided into 5.2G band and 5.8G band, 5.8G band is: 149, 153, 157, 161, 165; 5.2G band needs to support 11ac, available channels are. 36, 40, 44, 48, 52, 56, 60, 64; routinely recommended to avoid the 52, 56, 60, 64 channels, because of conflicts with the radar channel.

②, Bluetooth only has 2.4G band; 2.402GHz to 2480GHz, classic Bluetooth has 76 channels, each channel 1MHz; Bluetooth BLE has 40 channels, each channel 2MHz, of which 37 channels belong to the data channel, 3 channels belong to the broadcast channel.


Wi-Fi can directly access the network, Bluetooth requires conversion processing, so WiFi is more suitable for 1-to-many local area network, such as home and company Internet environment; and Bluetooth is more suitable for short-range high stability transmission, such as smart headphones; and Bluetooth mesh networking, especially for smart home wireless control application scenarios.

3、Transmission distance

Wi-Fi transmission distance is farther, able to reach several hundred meters, while the Bluetooth transmission distance is generally within 100 meters.

4、Transmission rate

Wi-Fi: 54Mbps; Bluetooth: 2Mbps; Wi-Fi is more suitable for the transmission of large data.


From several dimensions we found that Wi-Fi and Bluetooth actually have their own advantages and characteristics; Wi-Fi in the convenience of networking, transmission rate, transmission distance is better than Bluetooth, Bluetooth in the stability of data, security, networking convenience is better than Wi-Fi; users can choose according to their own needs.

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