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9 Major Uses of Internet of Things Technology


Along with the rapid development trend of society and technology, IOT technology is used in all aspects of people's life, the following are examples of 9 major industries of IOT technology in people's life, and we believe that in the near future, our daily life methods and habits are going to get huge changes.

1. New smart city

The new smart city management method is to use the Internet of things technology, mobile data network and other technology cognition and application of a variety of information content, integration of a variety of technical professional data information, the basic construction of a life service, operation and maintenance management system including administrative work, urban planning and construction, emergency command, management decision applicable, social media and other information management.

The new intelligent city management method operation management system involves public security organs, games and entertainment, catering, trading, land resources, environmental protection, city construction, traffic travel, water, environmental health, overall planning, city management, forestry and fruit industry and green gardening, quality supervision, food and drug, safety supervision, water and electricity engineering telecommunications network and other industries. It also includes fire safety, temperature and other related business processes. With urban management enforcement factors and matters as the key, matters as the relevant behavior actor subject, strengthen the integration of resources, resource sharing and business process collaboration, complete the organizational structure of government departments and work in business process recombination, promote management mechanism changes, give full play to the advantages of service projects.

2. Smart medical care

Smart medical use of Internet of Things technology and sensor instrumentation technology, the patient and medical personnel, designated medical institutions, medical equipment of reasonable and effective interconnection, is the entire treatment of the whole process of information management, intelligent.

Intelligent medicine enables practitioners to retrieve, analyze and introduce a lot of scientific and reasonable direct evidence to support their own diagnosis, and to complete the role of remote diagnosis, telemedicine, remote consultation, intelligent management decision of clinical medicine and intelligent prescription according to Internet technology. At the same time, it can also benefit physicians, every group of people in the entire diagnosis and treatment ecosystem (such as medical clinical research staff, drug distributors and car insurance companies). The creation of an integrated service platform for medical information between different designated medical institutions, the integration of the workflow in the middle of hospital outpatient clinics, the sharing of resources and mutual exchange of medical information and network resources, cross-designated medical institutions can also complete online appointments and two-way referrals, which prompted the community's "small problem" community, hospitalization for serious illnesses, community-based recovery visits This has greatly improved the full utilization of medical resources and has truly achieved the patient-centered approach.

3. Intelligent Transportation

Intelligent urban transportation is a comprehensive and rational use of leading information content technology, data communication transmission technology, electronic device sensor technology, manipulation technology and electronic computer technology in all road emergency command systems. It is a comprehensive transportation management system with perfect function, instant, accurate and high efficiency.

Intelligent traffic travel can reasonably use the current traffic safety facilities, alleviate the traffic travel load and air pollution, ensure road traffic safety, and enhance the high efficiency of transportation. The development trend of intelligent traffic travel depends on the development of Internet of Things technology. Along with the rapid development of IOT technology, intelligent urban transportation can be more and more sound.

The 21st era is the new century of road traffic information management. The intelligent city traffic that everyone will use is the leading comprehensive traffic integrated intelligent management system. In this system, the car eats its own intelligence to travel on the road at will, while the highway eats its own intelligence to adjust the traffic flow to the best situation. With the help of intelligent emergency command system, the management personnel can make the road, the car and the people more scientific and reasonable, and carry out intelligent management methods and intelligent management decisions more seriously and carefully.

4. Modern logistics

In 2009, IBM clearly proposed the creation of the future of supply chain management, with excellent, interconnected and intelligent features, can use sensors, RFID tags, electric actuators, GPS and other facilities and systems to generate real-time information. Subsequently, the definition of "intelligent freight logistics" was expanded. Unlike smart freight logistics, which focuses on building an intelligent management system based on Internet technology that resembles the dynamic data of freight logistics, smart freight logistics pays more attention to the combination of IoT technology, wireless sensors and online, an integrated natural environment mediated by a variety of data service system software.

5. Smart Campus

Combine classroom teaching, scientific research, management methods and school life sufficiently to integrate the institution's classroom teaching, scientific research, management methods and network resources and software systems on campus. Enhance the picture quality, operational flexibility and responsiveness of using interaction to execute intelligent service projects and control the industrial park approach. Three key features of the smart campus: First, it will give an all-round intelligent cognitive natural environment and comprehensive information platform network for teachers and students,embedded module and humanized human services by character roles. Secondly, it will integrate the data service according to the communication network into the application and business industry of each institution to complete the interconnection and cooperation; thirdly, it gives the mutual communication and exchange and mutual cognitive socket for the institution and the outside according to the intelligent cognitive natural environment and the comprehensive information platform network.

6. Smart home furniture

Smart home furniture to home as the basic, the application of Internet of things technology, communication network technology, intelligent security prevention, automatic control system technology, video voice technology, relatively highly integrated with the family life related equipment, completed a highly efficient settlement infrastructure and family planning policy affairs management.

Smart home furniture contains home automation, wireless networks, Internet home appliances and information appliances. At the functional level, including intelligent lighting effect manipulation, intelligent household appliance manipulation, intelligent security system, intelligent intelligent voice system, intelligent short video technology, visual effect communication system, home theater set, etc. Smart home furniture can further improve the convenience of daily life at home and make the family atmosphere more comfortable and pleasant.

7. Smart grid

Smart grid is based on the solid wire grid. It integrates the contemporary excellent sensor precise measurement technology, communication technology, information content technology, electronic computer technology and manipulation technology to produce a new grid with relatively high combination of physics grid.

In combination with the Internet of Things technology, fast remote data transmission Internet basically, according to the use of modern sensor precise measurement technology, excellent machine equipment technology, excellent control measures and excellent information processing system technology to complete the stability and safety factor.

8、Wisdom industry

In the supply chain, automated production, goods and equipment monitoring and management methods, environmental monitoring and energy management system, safety production management and many other aspects, the Internet of Things technology has brought extremely important efficacy. In recent years, the digitalization and automation technology of industrialized production has been developed greatly, but the coordination between the system structures has not been improved greatly, they are either relatively independent in the work. However, nowadays, using the excellent Internet of Things technology, closely combined with other excellent technologies, each sub-system can be reasonably interconnected, which is more convenient and efficient for industrialized production, and completes the real sense of intelligent production and manufacturing and intelligent industry.

9. Intelligent Agriculture

Intelligent agriculture is the use of Internet of Things technology in traditional agriculture, update and transform traditional agricultural operation and maintenance management, according to the mobile application platform or electronic computer service platform, with sensors and cell phone software to manipulate agriculture, so that traditional agriculture has intelligent management decisions, intelligent solutions, intelligent manipulation.

The smart agriculture proposal is of all kinds of temperature sensors on the agricultural spot. According to a variety of IoT devices and wireless communication networks complete the intelligent cognition of the natural environment of agriculture, intelligent warning information, intelligent management decision, intelligent analysis and doctor online specific guidance, giving a visual management and intelligent decision support system that closely combines accurate planting and accurate feeding.