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Tremble! Abe, Zheng ye, Cheng'an, Yuexi, perform dimension CP, Youku is about to be broadcast


He's a young talent, Tang Qing Feng.She is an alien girl, Abu Cha Cha.She is ignorant and naive, but unbelievably good.Earth is dangerous. She wants to return to Duo Planet.What is this placeDamn!It's planet Earth.Who sent you?Why do you want to hurt me?Qing Ye!MineA demon girl is eating people!Is she the demon girl you mentioned?It's her.She is the one who killed everybody.Did you kill people?It wasn't me!I want to go home.Qing Ye!

How can someone so similar exist?You hate me, don't you?You don't believe a word I say.No way.As long as you are Qing Ye,I would never be able to hate you.Qing Ye!You must catch Qing Ye.Don't worry, Sir, I certainly will.[Yes, she has a companion from Duo Planet.]What kind of man are you?I'm not a man.CaptainYou know him?No.He seem to be retarded.Great captain!Wake up, wake up.[Occasionally, she may dance a to popular tune.][When excessive, she can get a bug. She studies diligently and train hard.][One day, she is taken captive.]He is my family on earthI feel strange.I just want to guard one person,and let her to be happy forever,and never worry again.Here, this...is a lunch I made for you with all my love.Is it tasty?I never thought I had such a talent for being an earthling.

[Don't be a stranger, get a partner.][director: Zhao Xiaoxi, Starring: Zheng Yecheng, An Yuexi][Shooting director: Wang Yan, Zhang Li. Script:Rao Jun, Liu Ya, Zhu Yi, Hong Jinghui. Producer: Tang Lijun, Yuan Yumei][Let's Shake it]The princess will get revenge.I'll be right here.[2017 Youku summer vacation exclusive online]This world is so cool.

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