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Shake, Abe 2

Shake, Abe 2

Abu Cha Cha.You brought along this earth ape without permission so far across time and space.The judge sentences you to serve a sentence in exile…You two, wait for me!…for ten thousand years.Terrific! We didn’t die!Abu Cha Cha,I used my good looks to guarantee us a visit to the senior management of the Space and Time Administration,and you just immediately break Tang Qing Feng out of prison?!Ecstatic joy. Dimensional collision.Qing-Abu CP. Interplanetary love.You are now the Time and Space Administration’s number one most wanted target.Captain Duo Miao Miao,I will definitely do my best to get out of here, definitely earn some money,and definitely go to whatever parallel universe you sayand get back all the Tang Qing Feng’s without exception.Okay.

How did you change appearance?In this big city, I have never seen such a fine woman.Aren't I beautiful?However, I’m studying at Planet Duo’s Ai Dou Universitywith a dual doctorate in Science & Technology and Information Security.The Scavenger’s program can be modified in just minutes for us to use.Master.Tang Qing Feng, you’re not allowed to talk to her,make eye contact with her,or be within a meter of her.Okay.A room please.What did you do to me?!Tang Qing Feng!


I’m going to kill you!Very sweet, not greasy.Meet your happiness!If you go on like this, Xiao Ba is going to crash again.[Drive away pressure.]Please begin your performance.Give me my handshake back.Beat her up!You hit me!I’m satisfied with you.Hello? Dad!You don’t have to tell my sister.I didn’t expect you to be just like Tang Qing Feng.Ha ha ha ha!What’s our duty?For the peace of the universe.Finally, I have the Eye of the Universe!Do you think you have the real one?

I just gave you that one to play with.This is the real Eye of the Universe.

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