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How can I hang clothes without a balcony?


How to dry clothes without a balcony? Practical tips from 100,000 netizens!There is a lot of life. For many people who rent a small apartment or rent a house, many people rent a single room. Due to conditions, there is no balcony for clothes drying.But the clothes always have to be dried. 

Today, I will give you some tips on how to dry clothes without a balcony. .

1. Telescopic drying racks: If allowed by the property, telescopic drying racks can be installed outside the window.Many properties are not allowed to undermine the uniformity of the facade, and this type of drying rack is not suitable for houses with more dust in the air.

2. Drying washing machine: Now there are many high-end washing machines with drying function. Ordinary washing machines are spin-drying. It is dried after spin-drying, and can be directly worn out.I heard that many crooked nuts are not dried and are directly dried. This is the most convenient way to save effort.

3. Bathroom: There is really no way to dry in the bathroom, but there is a gap between drying in the sun and drying in the sun.

4. Change to a balcony: If there is no balcony, you can change it to a "fake balcony". For example, if the bedroom has large south-facing windows, you can install the clothes racks on the southmost side as balcony; Window, you can also change the bay window to clothes.

5, Buy a foldable small hanger, want to dry clothes, low difficulty, but do not want to look too ugly and of poor quality, compact and foldable, a limited number of clothes, suitable for small spaces and use cases.

6. Other methods: For example, the top and bottom houses can use rooftops or courtyards.For example, you can use a folding floor-mounted drying rack.

Without a balcony to dry clothes, we have to use our brains to think about a solution. There are always solutions to things! .

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