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My wife shouted that I was pregnant, and my husband's response was overwhelming


I didn't get him,LaosiI didn't mean it, made him leave,I just though he's ignorant, I didn't want him leave.Laosi.Laosi.Laosi, please stop slapping meLaosi, don't hit meStop slapping me, I'm pregnant ~What's the gender?(congratulations Yulan, it's a boy).You're lucky, get what you wantA boy eat muchRecycles ! recycles,How are you?

Don't work that hard , you're not young, wait wait Laosi.Watch your steps, here, the mealI told you, I'll eat there if I get there.I know what you eat, that's leftovers ,(you don't know anything).How are you?I'm Wenqing Zhang, worker of our teamYou can ask me for help if you have any problems(you're Wenqing Zhang?)I know one called Wenqing ZhangLaosiI told you, I was begging to Xian when i'm ten.When I came to a rich family, the daught of them gave me some meals.That girl saved me/We'll be died person if she haven't saved usI'll never forget her all my life, she called Wenqing Zhang too.You are the big sister that yearYou, are you ,,,?Yeah, I'm the girl,Really? What a coincidence !The girl, the girl stand in front of me !LaosiThank to her ! you won't have me even for 100yuan if she didn't save me.No problems , it's ok.My name's Yulan Hao.Ok, you called Yulan, where he's going ?

We were robbedNothing left except the vehicle, we can't live with thatFinally he found a job for transport, he's going to there,I see, then you go firstlyLaosi, the meal, LaosiHey, have a cup of tea in my home?(no,no I have something to do).Here is something , we'll have a meeting soon, can you come if brother has no time.Okay, I'll go soon, okay, (it's a deal).

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