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Pure minimalism good hidden goods without printing?


Hello ~ welcome to come with me pure minimalist ~Today, I will introduce a good thing recently bought at MUJI!MUJI is my love brand and the favorite shop on weekdays!I know many products in the store,One day I discovered this new thing!Have you seen it? Do you know what this Dongdong is?When I saw it, I thought it was just like an oil bottle or something.Its product name in Muji is "glass bottle",Then when I had a clue, I thought I should take it home. tea! pot!Immediately come to try it after buying home! Very successful! !! !!One night, officially use it to make tea to drink ~~~I make tea with a spheroidal net.It will diarrhea directly, or it will be troublesome to prepare another small spoon ...

Its opening size is just enough to let loose tea leaves pass,It wo n’t pour too fast or too much when poured out,(Although it sometimes gets stuck, just shake it.)This "glass bottle" is really easy to use! !!It is convenient to serve loose tea, and it has such a cute appearance!Digression, the tea and the sampan nets I drank were brought back from a trip to the UK earlier this year.I like to make a cup of tea for myself when I am at home.Reading a book while drinking tea / silhouette / sliding / handshake are all good ~And this "glass bottle" is not found in ordinary MUJI.You can only buy it at branches that have "FOUND MUJI".And it's in the subcategory of "health and leisure",I bought it at the Lee Theatre branch in Causeway Bay for HK $ 70.Have you seen this "glass bottle"? How do you use it?Feel free to leave a message to tell me how you use it!

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