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Many to one society


I am lucky. I want to go on like this.I think, maybe, I don't even know anymore.You have me.I just don't want you to spend all your time with me.And what should I spend my time with anyway?You do not need all this.The Guard is with you I am with you.So ... you and Kelly?She is with Will, they are so in the supermarket.I don't care about you?

We have nothing.I have to take care of you.Do not.Why did you pick me? You do not even know me.I like you.Got everything you need?I want to talk to you in your language.Almost everything.How do you say "kiss me"?I should have stayed.We were on a date, I should have stayed.It's no use discussing what we should have done.I do not know. Not a good answer.You know me. Not a good answer.Let me go.Why are you doing this? Because I don't want to go.I can't tell you how I feel about both of us.You can understand? -I'm trying to understand.And I'm telling you that I don't know.What did you do? What the fuck did you do?I think you are the most wonderful person in this world.But it seems that none of that matters anymore, right?We may be in a new universe or we may also die here.How do you want to live, Sam?I'm mad at you toofor punishing me when I needed you the most.Why did they do it?

Does she know we're together? Because it seems to me that she thinksthat you are a happy couple.Shut up!I would never hurt you.

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