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The hostess delivered the kitten herself, and four kittens came to the world smoothly


Mother Cat KunKun is about to birthing her kittens.

Labor pains become more and more frequent.She‘s such a good girl.ScaryDiDi is worried about KunKun.But he doesn't know anything.Tough Girl.Little naive boy with a serious face.I'll be staying here with her.The contraction has been continuing.She's exhausted.Energy refilling !!!She's sick. I'm not taking her food.Mammy I want food too!DiDi wants it actually...Amniotic sac is already showing up.Welcome to the world babe DayBo (name of the 1st kitten) !She feels overwhelmed as first time being a mom.The labor pain comes again.Welcome to the world baby ErBo (name of the 2nd kitten)!She's busy with taking care of DayBo. So mammy helps her to cut the sac of ErBo.Wipe the amniotic fluid, prevent the kitten from coughing.KunKun is in a spin as a first-time-mom. Mammy is helping her clean up the kittens.Mother cat drains all her energy..The first kiss with her child.Labor pain comes again.13:15 p.m. The 3rd kitten is born. Because of the ectopic pregnancy, the kitten SamBo is suffocated.

Fortunately, under the emergency assistant of mammy, SamBo safely gets through it.After eating two placentas, she gets back her energy.The newborn kittens have already found the Mother Cat's nipples.XiaoBo comes to the world.Who are you ?! Stay away from my babies!!The boy who has been hiding behind the curtains has appeared.I'm scared!!!Mother cat stimulates kittens to help them pee and poop by licking them.Poor KunKun :(Who are they?! Where did they come from??!!Where did they come though...Today's memories is unforgettable, for an innocent boy...

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