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Easily irritating at home! Recommended "stress relief goods" large set

Easily irritating at home! Recommended "stress relief goods" large set

I want to spend without stress!

In daily life, stress is something that is hard to avoid. No one wants to get irritated, but sometimes they get tired of unfamiliar work and relationships.

At that time, it would be nice if stress could be eased.

Here, we will introduce various kinds of stress relieving goods that can be used at home, so please take a look.

What are recommended stress relieving goods?

You can buy at Loft, Amazon, etc.

Although it is a stress relieving product, it can be purchased at stores that sell hobby collection items such as lofts and Tokyu Hands. Some shops have a corner so you can try before you buy, so if you want to know the comfort, please visit a shop near you. Of course, you can also purchase online through Amazon, Rakuten, Yahoo! Shopping and other online shopping.

Good impression for both women and men ◎ Recommended for gifts

Stress relief goods are an item that many people will appreciate. Some items are fashionable interiors, and you can recommend them regardless of gender, so it's perfect as a gift.

[Grip system] Stress relief goods


Squeeze is a standard item for stress-relieving goods to grasp. It is a mascot-like item that uses low-elasticity materials such as bread, fruits, and animals. It was a popular toy for children, but its fluffy texture is also popular as an adult's stress relief.

This is a squeeze item with a set of 10 bread pieces. Everything has a scent of bread and a soft touch, so even if you don't like bread, you can relax and relax.

Kimo kawaii! ? Kaomaru holding his face

The expression you can't say anything is cute! It is a vegetable version of the popular series Kaomaru that calms down with an exquisite face. There are also egg plants and green pepper, so it might be cute to arrange them side by side.

Yogibo Squeezibo

The popular Yogibo, which is a magical sofa that is too comfortable and immobile, has these simple relaxing items. Let's be healed with a unique feel. There are no decorations or protrusions, so it's great for children's toys.

Brain ball

When you hold it in your hand and hold it, the unevenness on the surface stimulates the acupuncture points and activates the brain. Since it fits in one hand, it is attractive to use it while watching TV, commuting to work, etc.

[Battering system] Stress relief goods

Stress relief punch bag

If you can punch and kick that you can not normally do, you can do it in your house without going to the gym!

Since it is inflated with air and used, it is convenient to keep it compact when not in use.


Mexican party goods "Pinata" are still rare in Japan.

To use it, put sweets and toys inside, then hang it with a string and hit it with a stick-like object to break it. It looks like a Japanese ball. It seems fun to play together.

[Pushing] stress relief goods

This item is recommended for people who want to push something infinitely and become innocent when stress accumulates.

Mechanical keyboard switch

It became a key chain that can carry the mechanical switch of the keyboard. With this, you can tick anytime anywhere. Also, when you press the switch, the LED of the clear pedestal lights up, so it will be useful in the night out scene.

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Giant enter key button

When frustrated, the sound of hitting the keyboard tends to become loud. In such a case, let's release stress with a huge enter key that you can press as much as you want! It's cushioning, so it's easy on the hands and can be used as a pillow during a break.

Mugen green beans

You can enjoy the sensation of edamame extruded forever, and it's likely to get fit. It's also a key chain, so it's great for killing time on the go. As the name implies, it seems to play infinitely.

[Healing system] Cute cat stress relieving goods

Cushion type therapy robot "Qoobo"

Qoobo is a cushion therapy robot with a tail. When you stroke it, it will respond by shaking its tail.

It is a person who relieves stress and heals so that they tend to snuggle up gently.

Lisa Larson Keychain

It is a lovely key chain that reproduces the pottery of ceramic artist Lisa Larson as it is small.

You can wear it on your key or bag, or if you put it on your desk for a while, you'll get tired every time your eyes meet.

Cat squishy

The cat squeeze poses like taking a nap, but just looking at it makes me frustrated.

Even if you hold it tightly or prick your stomach, it will make you feel relaxed.

[Breaking system] Recommended for students who are studying, such as examinees

Hand spinner

The American-born toy "Hand Spinner," which was very popular a while ago, is perfect for relieving stress.

It is said that it has the effect of increasing concentration, so if it is used successfully during studying, it seems that efficiency can be improved.

Squeeze pen

It's an interesting item with a squishy squishy pen. Bread looks real and delicious.

If you switch to this pen for a change of mood, you can feel light and fluffy. No stress is likely to accumulate.

[Screaming] stress relief goods

Screaming vase

When stress accumulates, you may feel like screaming. However, if you shout out in the room, it will bother your neighbors. In such a case, let's fully speak out to this pot!

Soundproof microphone

Nowadays, I can easily enjoy karaoke using my computer or smartphone. If you use this soundproof microphone, you can sing comfortably without worrying about the sound. Since it also has an echo function, let's enjoy authentic karaoke without worrying about anyone alone ♪

If you feel stress, let's diverge before it's too young!

If you feel stress, don't force it and don't store it, so let's diverge more and more.

If you can solve it in your own time, you can feel comfortable again the next day.

Please try to find a healing goods that suits you.

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