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Ribs are never stewed. Pour 2 eggs without adding a drop of water

Ribs are never stewed. Pour 2 eggs without adding a drop of water

 Today I'm going to cook the pieces in a new way.I paid 40 RMB for 1 kgAdd two tablespoons of starch, then make all slices covered with starch.When the pieces become sticky, place the pieces in water.Wash them several times until all the starch has been removed.Then drain the water.Prepare two eggs and whip them.Then pour the scrambled eggs into pieces.Use your hands to make each piece covered with egg fluid.Add 50 grams of starch.Then wear each piece with the stomach.Pour some oil into the pan and put the pieces in it one by one when the oil temperature reaches about 150 degrees Celsius.

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Fry pieces using medium heat for 5 minutes.Until they turn yellow.Filter the oil and remove the pieces.Add some slices of ginger and chopped green onions.Add three tablespoons of light soy sauce and one spoon of dark soy sauce to color the pieces.Add three tablespoons of cooking wine, one tablespoon of oyster sauce and one tablespoon of soybean paste.A teaspoon of sugar and some pepper.Mix them and leave for 30 minutes.Slow braised bean curd into small pieces.Put it in the pan and fry both sides until it turns yellow.Fry tofu for 5 minutes. They are fine like this.Then put it on a plate.Put the pieces on the tofuSprinkle the remaining onions on pieces.Steam cutting using high temperature for 40 minutes.Now let's check the blocks.

Wow, it smells so good. I can smell it.Add some chopped green onions. Finish a delicious dish.The pieces cooked in this way are very delicious.The meat is fresh and tender.Flavor all kinds of sauce fill the room.Tofu is also delicious.It is very tasty after steaming for a long time.Try this dish if you like it.

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