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INDIAN FOOD 🇮🇳Chicken Curry Tandoori Chicken Mukbang Eating Kari Cà ri كاري


A lot of people asked me to eatIndian Curry!Grilling Naan in first-person POV...Garlic Naan, Tandoori Chicken, and SamosaLittle White Fox hanging behind :)Chicken Makhani Curry and Jeera Rice!Hi, guys!Today's menu isIndian Curry!Chicken Makhani,Garlic Naan,and Tandoori Chicken,Jeera Rice.The one next to Tandoori Chicken is.Fried Dumplings.It's Indian style andcalled Samosa! (Fried vegetables)I prepared four dipping sauces for Tandoori! (in front)I made Mango Lassi for drink!I went to Indian Chef Restaurantto buy Jeera Rice, Makhani Curry, and Garlic Naan!

I warmed it up a while ago (so cute❤).Tandoori Chicken and Samosa are from Indian restaurant near my house!So,Let's eat~Lassi! (Indian Fruit Yogurt-Based Drink)Yummy....Makhani Curry is very creamy!Doesn't it look like a full moon? :)Garlic Naan is so tasty... (and crunchy)Curry is everyone's favorite flavor! Sweet and smooth!Garlic Naan is my favorite!Curry flavored!I've never tried Samosa before, but it is like healthy food!The crust is just like puff pastry!How is this Naan so crispy?Lots of sauce!Tandoori Chicken is a little bit spicy!Dry... but, white meat should be good for health...(*Chicken moisturizing time* lol)If you haven't tried Indian curry yet, YOU SHOULD!!Let's finish it!So, guys!Today,I ate Chicken Makhani Curry,Garlic Naan and Rice.What a great choice!They were really good :)Last time, I had Indian food in restaurant.

But, it was still goodto eat Indian food at home! :)My favorite Indian food is Butter Chicken Curry.I'll make it next time!So, todayI enjoyed it

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