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TVB female artists have degrees. The most popular major is this?


TVB female artists have a look at their academic qualifications. The major most read is this ...?

Recently, the discussion forums of a group of TVB female artists suddenly frantically discussed the details of which subjects are listed in any university, distinguished by liberal arts, science, business and art.Among them, science is the fewest. Females are always less likely to pick science. Some netizens even laughed that three young girls who read chemistry, such as Mai Meien, Zhu Zhixian, and Zhang Xiuwen, could make a drama series about the lyrical case. And Tang Luowen, Shao Yanshi and Wen Kailing, the three psychology girls, can open a new series of "Psychological Pursuit of the Murderer". It is fun to watch the artist's education and start a play! .

And if you don't count eight female artists from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, it will be the most read by the University of British Columbia, Canada, and six of them will graduate here.Let ’s wait and see what subjects you are reading! . Science student representatives are:.

Lu Huiyi, Mai Meien, Feng Yingying, Wu Leyi, Chen Tingxin, Yang Xiuhui, Zhu Zhixian and Zhang Jiaer.

Let's see which university they go to! . Fung Ying Ying, University of Hong Kong-Bachelor of Food and Nutrition (Online Photo).

Zhang Jiaer, University of British Columbia, Canada-Bachelor of Nutrition and Chinese University of Hong Kong-Master of Public Health (online photo).Zhu Zhixian Bachelor of Chemistry, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (online photo).

Lui Huiyi Bachelor of Electronic Engineering, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (online photo).

Mai Mayen Bachelor of Chemistry, University of British Columbia, Canada (online photo).

Chen Tingxin University of Manchester, UK-Bachelor of Environmental Studies (online photo).

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