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Simple Italian style dessert DIY


Very simple Italian style for you today.Well, it's closer to sorbet than ice cream.

In fact, it's called semifredo in English. It's a combination of two words.The semi in front means half.Later on, Fredo means frozen.

So if you combine.You can see that it contains semi-frozen.So I think this name is related to the completed form.It has a texture between mousse and ice cream.And most of all, you don't have to use an ice cream machine.

First, add 1 tablespoon of oolong tea in 100 mL of water.Boil it over a small fire.If the water evaporates.You can brew 50mL very thick oolong tea.Please be as strong as possible.

Then add 50 mL of the tea from the small pot.Add 60 g of sugar and boil it over a small fire.Shake the pan a little so that the heat is evenly distributed.I'll add the meringues with egg white while the oolong tea syrup is finished.

In fact, traditional semi-fredo uses the whole egg to foam.But today I'm not going to use the egg yolks separately.Because I will make Italian icing made of white only.I want to have a refreshing taste when I eat.The separated yolks are made by eating custard sauce.Or yolks are used a lot in the shachima that I told you last time.Anyway, I won't use it today.And hit the whites first at medium speed.Please hit this far.The bubble particles are still small and not well shaped.Add a pinch of salt.Don't worry about meringues, but be careful of boiling oolong syrup!

Oolong syrup with sugar should be boiled to the right temperature.The best way is 110-115 degrees when you read it with a thermometer.The pot is foaming like this.When the syrup reaches the right temperature, turn off the fire.Keep the meringue with one hand.Slowly add oolong syrup slowly with the other hand.The syrup is very hot, so it can give a heating effect.So it makes the meringue half ripe.And this kind of syrup will shape the shape of the meringue.A well-cooked meringue is firm and does not turn off easily.

If the surface of the meringue is polished like this, you are good.It's hot not long after adding syrup, so let's cool it for a while.I'll whip the fresh cream right away 350g.Whipped 90%.Then whipped cream is divided into two and mixed with meringue.Mix it evenly.The color of tea becomes very pale when fresh cream is mixed.I emphasized that we are as strong as possible in the beginning.Otherwise, the tea taste will be diluted.Mix it thoroughly.I wrapped it in a deep bottom container for easy removal later.Put the ingredients.Make it flat.It doesn't matter what kind of container you use.Or you can put it in a glass like this.Then put it in the freezer.It should be 4-6 hours to harden completely.Because the base of the taste is oolong tea.

I wanted to add a bubble and feel like eating bubble tea.I also made a bubble myself.The bubble making method was covered in the previous bubble tea making video.It's very cumbersome to make it yourself.I recommend you to keep it frozen since you do it a lot.So you can take it out every time you eat it and boil it or go to a bubble tea shop and order only the bubble.Take out the boiled bubbles and crush them in hot sugar when hot.Brown sugar prevents bubbles from sticking together.The semipredo just removed from the mold.Because it is still hard.

Leave it a little at room temperature.Put it on a plate.Put the bubble you prepared before.This makes me feel like eating bubble tea ice cream.Now semi-predo is done.Very easy?I tried to reduce the amount of sugar in the ingredient ratio as much as possible.Even frozen, the sugar content is.If you try it, it doesn't have sweet taste.And since you didn't use the yolk,You can also feel the flavor of oolong tea.If you put it in a cup like this.It's easy to eat with a spoon.

Actually, if you know how to meringue it with egg white.You can produce different tastes according to your preference..This oolong tea taste I made today.I made it into my idea.Oolong tea is relatively light and can be eaten in summer.And freeze quickly.It's faster than other regular ice creams.It's also convenient because you don't need to use an ice cream machine.It's not as soft as ice cream.The ice grains aren't chewed.The sorbet feels strong.Please make it if you have time

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