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The simple principle of American net


In fact, you don’t have to look.Just grab it, grab it.This section is relatively long and has nothing to do withSlightly tidy upIs this section very long now?Just to the waist (right).It’s so long when you grab it. It’s so long.So long and then catchYou have to drive a little farther~ the ratio is a little moreBecause this is the brake.You don't fly so far, there is a little more here..If you want to fly very far? Just a little bit... just a little bitWe are going to open a little bit now~ just a little more.Then grab it and hook it on your wrist.Tighten!This should be tightened~ otherwise it would be untrue to loosen your movements.You see that I am so tight now.Yes!

Organize once from start to finish.You can see if there is a line hookLead hooks ~ even wire? branches.If you have it, just take it aside (finishing).Do you think this is almost the same on both sides?This is a long time~ then grab a little bitJust a little bit.Wait a minute????? This gesture?????This gesture teaches me.Grab this way!!! Then turn aroundThe little finger sticks outThen hand in here.Going in.Then this doesn't have to be very wide.

This kind of loss does not need to be very wide~~ narrow.The distance between the two hands (the lead weight is pulled out).Look at this ~ is it just stuck on the ground?right?Then we do this.Don't use it very hard~ just like this(speed up.This is flying far away.Do you have!!!!!

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