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On the grid in heaven

On the grid in heaven

We're four dayswalk from the nearest road.The landscape's vast, thewilderness is almost unlimited.The access is by aircraft,on foot, or on the right day,you can boat it, but it'sa challenge in itself.Really, we are at the mercyof the weather and the tidesin our day to day life.It's difficult living out here,but if you do what's neededand everything comes together,it's a really rewarding place to be.- [Narrator] WarrickMitchell lived in Fiordland,

New Zealand's oldest andlargest national park.It covers over 12,000 square kilometers,but is home to only a few dozen people.The park's massive mountain rangeisolates Warrick from civilization.- [Warrick] Living out here,like everywhere, you needshelter, a good dry camp.(lively instrumental music)We have solar panel for power, lighting,and our satellite communications.We have a quad bike,we have two boats for fishing and diving,and we have the freezerwhich keeps our foodand our produce cold.We rely on rainwater for drinking water,so that's not too hardwith seven meters of rainfall annually.We largely live off the land.

When you're living off the land,you're really at the mercy ofthe weather and the elements,so there's certain timesthat will allow you to go outand harvest a deer or catcha fish, capture the menu.If you have a down day andthe waves are really good,you're more than likely gonna go surfing.If the waves aren't good,but the river's looking nice,you might catch a trout.If the waves are flatbut the ocean's calm,you might go sea fishing.If the ocean's stormy,you might go up the riverfor a kayak or go through the bushand see if you can spot a deer.(gun firing)Living in the wildernessdoesn't mean you're livingin isolation from people.

We certainly couldn't be doing what we doif it wasn't for thepilots and our neighborsand our friends.Whether it's the harshnessof the environmentand being so isolated thatbrings people togetheror the fact that thepeople that are willingto travel this far havelike minded passionfor the environment and the outdoors,one thing's for sure over the yearsis that the community'sbecome really tight knit.Can you go ahead andturn this main switch onand we'll just see if she wants to work?Oh, no.When things break orthings don't go your way,it's always really importantto remember you're in the green.The experience is being out hereand enjoying being out here.Everything else is a bonus,so you can't get too seriousif one thing breaks.I don't know too many places in the worldwhere you can stand on a boat looking backand you can just see oceanleading into forest leadinginto massive snow-cappedmountains and glacier-shaped bayswith pristine rivers and clear water.The trees are as they were 200 years ago,and the people that I bring out here,they get to experiencethis nature as it wasand as it should be, andwe try to keep the areaand the environment pristinein this little corner of New Zealand.(gentle instrumental music)

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