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Song Zude wrote in memory of Huang Jiaju


Song Zude posted a text in memory of Huang Jiaju, Na Ying innocent lying on the gun, netizens' comments made people think deeply!

Zude, born August 24, 1968, male, Han, born in Tuanjie Town, Jingjiang City, Jiangsu Province, Bachelor of Engineering from Shanghai Jiaotong University, Master of Medicine from Shanghai Medical University, Doctor of Agriculture from Ocean University of China, University of Science and Technology (Address: Lebanon) JD.

It is one of the most controversial figures in the entertainment industry in mainland China, commonly known as "Song Dazui".In the afternoon of June 30, Song Zude posted a text in memory of Huang Jiaju, but Na Ying lay his gun innocently. This title is absolutely amazing! Article content: Huang Jiaju is a true musical genius. The stars of his era had incomes similar to ordinary people. Huang Jiaju regarded art as more important than life, so he created so many musical works! Today's singers are empty in the belly, crazy hype gossip and gossip, crazy money, no classic works! .

Netizens' comments make people think deeply: classics can stand the test of time, Huang Jiaju's music has been sung, many people have been imitating, but have never been surpassed, his music touches the depths of the soul, a rare musical genius! A must, Jiaju is a real musician, an idol forever, ideal, thought, talent, love, charisma and good voice. I am a senior fan, and a netizen is angry: Song Zude does n’t deserve to wash Sister Feng ’s feet !! Sister Feng is the real influencer! .

The collapse of Song Zude is known as "Song's Mouth" and he dares to say anything, but one of his words really agrees that Huang Jiaju is a true musical genius! There is really nothing wrong with it. You wrote to "Zong Zude remembering Huang Jiaju, and Na Ying innocently lay his gun."Netizen comments are thought-provoking! "What do you think? Welcome to leave a message, forward, and follow. Thank you for your support!

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