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Although Xiong Dailin is about to give birth, her S-shaped body is enviable!


Xiong Dailin bust surge sexy still! Although she is just around the corner, her S-shaped figure is enviable!After Xiong Dailin broke up with Guo Fucheng, she soon became the wife of Hong Kong's billion-dollar grandma Guo Kesong.The title of "Before Heavenly King" has attracted much attention from her every move. Advertising-Read on.Since the news of pregnancy came out last year, a group of pregnancy photos of Xiong Dailin have recently been exposed, and she can see that she is on the verge.Advertising-Read on.Although Xiong Dailin has a big belly, she is still sexy, and she is full of hot mom Faner.Advertising-Read on. Xiong Dailin, who is a model, is tall and well-known in the circle.Now pregnant with Rokko, pregnancy has also led to a surge in her waistline and a more seductive figure.Xiong Dailin appeared in the photo, her husband Guo Kesong was also accompanied, super sweet and very abused.Advertising-Read on.

Many netizens saw and expressed their feelings: "The breasts are indeed a lot bigger. The expectant mother Xiong Dailin is so beautiful!"Advertising-Read on. Is your pregnancy so good? It really pulls hatred! .In fact, Xiong Dailin worked very hard. She was born in a model and insisted on doing yoga during pregnancy.Advertising-Read on.Two months ago, Xiong Dailin's pregnant belly was not particularly obvious when she was doing yoga. It seems that the baby in her stomach has grown a lot in the past two months.Advertising-Read on.Xiong Dailin was afraid of losing her body during pregnancy. In December last year, she also posted a Weibo: "The memories left behind are, of course, the most beautiful."Remembrance your sexy and good figure.Looking at it now, even if she is near, her S-shaped line is still moving. I believe that it won't be long before the hot mom will be successful in shaping her body. and returning to the top! .

Finally, I wish this expectant mother a safe birth and a healthy baby.

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