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"Malaysian Sexy Witch" Zhang Huiyi admits that she has a whole body


"Malaysian Sexy Witch" Zhang Huiyi admits that she has a whole body !? She looks "evolved" again, and she still feels depressed to go to Korea to take a look!Malaysian Zhang Huiyi became well known after she came to Hong Kong to develop her entertainment business, but her life is like a movie. She also made the TV series "True Love" and also filmed Wang Jing's movie "Rape 3OL Seduction" and "Primitive Weapon" to become "Sexy Goddess" He was beaten by his fiance and then left alone in Beijing for another 10 years. He adopted an adopted child with heart disease, became a businessman and returned to the TV circle.Recently starring in the wireless main drama "Secretary of the Palace 2", evoking audience's memory of her.

At 48 this year, she was still so good. Faithful TVB fans found that her appearance was more beautiful and exquisite. While everyone was marveling at her "older and more beautiful" appearance, the Hong Kong media reported her frank news.According to Hong Kong media reports, when Zhang Huiyi attended the beauty event, she admitted that she had tried a face-lift before, but she could not accept cosmetic surgery.She stated that the firm's firming treatment was done: "I did it a few weeks ago, and collagen will slowly grow. I am waiting now. (Is it effective now?) I haven't felt it yet, but my friend Ask me if I got a thin face injection. It's preliminary now. After a few months, the effect should be the most beautiful. "Asked if she can receive other treatments, such as an injection? She said: "Fine-tuning is acceptable, but too long or too glue is not good. (Which part do you want to improve the most?) I would like to make Guazi's face and mirror more beautiful. I find that the outline will be more beautiful and the whole person will be more beautiful. young.Zhang Huiyi frankly said that she had tried thin face acupuncture before, but she could n’t accept the surgery. "I'm not brave enough to perform the operation. God will give us whatever you want. This time, fine-tuning is ok.

Asked if there are attractive spokesperson pay considerations? She said with a smile: "If the doctor is so famous, I dare not say that I won't, but sometimes I see the comparison of those people after doing online in South Korea. At that moment, I really felt emotional, but for the time being no one gave A lot of money I told me to do something like this.

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