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Brother Huanong: The brother took us to catch a bit of locust, fried it, it was really delicious


Hi everyone. Today our brother takes us to catch some locusts.These are edible locusts.See? It is eating...eating the king grass.Aiyo!See? Our brother said that only the locusts in this colour....in this colour are edible.Those in other colours are best avoided as you never know whether they are poisonous or not.This one is not poisonous and is edible.Hoi! You wanna fly? You think you can fly away?You think you can fly in front of me?There is another one.Got them! I got two.Wa! There are several.They one can fly.It ran away.It has the luck.Caught several here. Let me see if there are any over there.Wa! There is one.

You want to run away?We have caught just a little bit here.Let's soak them into the water.Come! Let's put them into the water to drown them all.Drown them.Um? Um? You can't move anymore, eh?See? I put a stone on top of it.We will come backafter ten minutes and they will all die.20 minutes laterWe process the locusts.See? All dead.Wa! See? They are immediately cooked once I put them into the pot.I will scoop them up.It should be almost done.It seems that they become very large.Once...once I put...put them into the oil, theythey look like grown up....grown up a bit.The fire is too weak. Put more....It will be too bad...it will be too bad if they are not fully cooked.Here is only one third of what we have caught.Here....we can't make too much.

We don't have enough oil.Wa! Very hot!I wonder if the locusts knowthat the oil is so hot.Put some salt.Let me try.Um! Good!It tastes really good.Um...it tastes like....shrimp.See? It was jumping around energetically, and now...and now it becomes a piece of meat in my mouth.Really not bad.Next time I will ask my brotherto catch more.We can still make two more pots. We have more to eat later.Um...it's very crispy.Alright, the video ends here.Let's get ready to go back. It's very late now.

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