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Chinese American woman died on the spot when she fell from a building on Christmas Eve


Chinese woman died on the spot on Christmas Eve | China PressSociety. 1134905. 1134905. December 24, 2017.The female deceased fell from the parking lot on the sixth floor of the shopping mall on Christmas Eve and was killed at the scene. (Updated at 20:40).(Johor Bahru, 24th) On Christmas Eve, a Chinese woman somehow fell from the 6th floor of a shopping plaza and fell into the car just out of the parking lot. Beside, the driver and children are scared! .This fall case occurred at 5 a.m. this afternoon in the 6A building of the parking lot at the Skudai Baxing Square.The deceased is believed to be a more than 30 woman, but the specific identity is unknown, including whether it is an employee in the square.

When asked, Ma Yonglai, deputy head of the Johor Bahru North Police District, pointed out that at the time of the incident, a 32-year-old Toyota Camry sedan Chinese woman drove out of the square, suddenly heard a loud noise, and heard the child screaming that someone was falling.He said that the female driver later found that the passenger seat door in the back seat was sunken and saw a woman lying down beside her car.He pointed out that according to the square security personnel, he did not know the deceased and there was no CCTV at the scene.The arrival of the ambulance from the Johor Bahru Central Hospital confirmed that the deceased had died.

Police officers found a pair of red slippers, a wallet, a bunch of home keys and a mineral water in front of the fence on the sixth floor of the parking lot.The wallet was empty and there were no documents.For Ma Yong, the police are still investigating the identity of the deceased. It is understood that there have also been falls in the square.Police found a pair of slippers and wallets at the parking lot on the 6th floor of the square.The deceased believed to have fallen from the parking lot on the 6th floor.A black car arrived at the scene of the crime.The deceased fell at the parking lot exit.

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