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Dr.Jart + pill mask set (exfoliating liquid)


Now out of four packsI'll try the peeling product first.This is ~IroqueOpen itUm ..There is a scrub product that looks like sugar.Spread this over your face,I had a new experience.It was so good.I'm not a model.I'm just grandma,by the way.When my daughter bought this,I bought something expensive.It's so good to try. Hong ~So I'm using it all.Now ~ like this.Then put this on topYou can apply it.So thin.This!Please spread well.Like this ~

Please spread well.Then!Spread it on your face.Wait 5 minutes.Look ~!I wrote this and became a pack enthusiast.I've had a bad face since I was young.WhateverI wasn't shiny,I used this one and it was really shiny,soI became a pack mania grandmother.I wanted to introduce to you.Look at it ~ Just 5 minutes.Please check the time.Just stick it for 5 minutesthis.Um ... just put it in as soon as I put it on! Flick! Flick! Flick! Something popping out.Maybe it removes the dead skin cells on the skin.The letters here are so small that I couldn't readMaybe it works like thisWash your face, and then ...It's been a while now. No, wake up the next day.When I put on makeup, I got it really well.So this company's productI bought another one.I didn't buy it, of course. I asked my daughter.I think it's so good too ~And ...Not only this, but now.I'm going to use something else because the good thing.I used Dr. Jart Ger to know this.Of course, I've used it before but I didn't keep writing itUm ... now.Selling on the street, selling it like this.But try this?Ah the pack is really good for this.It's possible to improve badness like me.Because I realized for the first time.I have confidence in this product.

Absolute !!! I'm not a person hereTry thisIf you have good content,I would like to share :)I'll wait for you in the fifth quarter ~Cut ~What do you think?Are you good?Ho Hong HeungNow everyone ~ I just washed my face. Five minutes have passed.Would you like to see?how is it?Are you okay?Oh Hong Ho Hong ~

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