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[Gourmet] XO sauce fried moon cakes

[Gourmet] XO sauce fried moon cakes

In fact, there are many wild foods. The best food iswhat about me? Today is about sunny shooting wild.Follow me and ask me to wash and wash. Isolate the tea house.Because it ’s already at 8 or 9.But it does n’t matter.Because I ’m a whole wild foodI've prepared Zuo Jin Jin Ye!moon cake!!!The home has been around the Mid-Autumn Festival for about a week.So it ’s time to destroy Zuo Qu.The stalks are so good ~ !!Fried moon cakes with XO sauce !!!Li Xiao respects my guests.Oily!After that.Because moon cakes have their own oil.Add less XO sauceGood  Multiple Emu Oil Silver bud! (Laughs).The fragrant and fried moon cakes ~~~There is so good for you.You're passing LaiWhatever you eat.There is a mid-autumn atmosphere.Moon cake to marry ....What about eating left?Lol X2Hello good tasteWhat a good misoIf you continue to eat, I will go to eat.After shooting, eat acridine x2.Finish! I'll finish the okonomiyaki hehe ..... Zhong Weishi, Zhong Department Refrigerator.I'm going to hit you ... I'm going to bury the food at the end ... moon cake !!

Vitae 陳法拉

Vitae 健面緊膚

Finally (please applaud)In fact, the food is very diverse and the best food is the one !!!Because you have participated in the production of acridine ~So this is the best food (maybe x2)Alright! Good wild! 

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